Play Torrent Videos without Downloading on Windows 10 – How To

Tired of waiting hours for the torrent file to finish downloading? Now you don’t have to wait for the torrent videos and files to be downloaded before you can watch them because now you can play torrent videos without downloading on PC/laptops. Why waste time to first download large torrent files. Apart from time, by watching torrents files without downloading you can save precious hard disk space on Windows 10 PC usually reserved for torrent files. Stream torrent files without download on any Windows PC/laptop using ROX player. This video player plays torrent videos and files by streaming them so that you can watch them without needing to download. This media player supports all major video file formats and has a user-friendly interface.

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Main Features of ROX Player:

ROX Player for Windows 10 plays torrent files without buffering and without any distortion in the video quality. You can watch videos for free as ROX carries full support for BitTorrent clients. It can play all latest audio and video codecs. Full compatibility with popular internet protocols such as DHT, P2P and many other features ensure that videos of any quality, be it DVD, Blu-ray or any other quality, stream without any lag.

ROX Player is light, it doesn’t take much space on PC. Opening and playing torrent files has been kept easy so that anyone can play videos without having to remember difficult steps and options.

How to Play Torrent Videos without Downloading on Windows 10:

Follow instructions below for downloading, installing and playing torrent files without downloading on Windows computers via ROX Player:

1 – Download ROX Player here.

2 – Follow onscreen instructions to install ROX Player.

3 – After completing the installation, click on ROX Player icon to open it.

4 – Go to file > open torrent, there you will see three options: torrent file, torrent URL and torrent Magnet Link. Use one of these option to play/stream video.

It takes seconds for the video to start depending upon the internet speed. All done. Now watch torrent videos without downloading them on Windows 10 PC.

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