Safari Browser for Windows 10

Safari internet browser from Apple has come a long way since its buggy inception. Constant improvements have made Apple’s internet browser one of the best, rivaling even Chrome and Firefox in terms of efficiency, speed and responsiveness. Safari comes as a default browser with all Apple computer just like Internet Explorer is for PCs and laptops running on Windows OS. A new Safari for Windows 10 has been released by Apple to run on Windows computers. Safari is loaded with interesting features and on some accounts it leaves Chrome and Firefox behind.

Main Features of Safari Browser:

Battery Life: Safari runs on fast JavaScript engine and modern energy saving technology making surfing the web a joy by seamlessly loading multiple pages at a time without putting too much strain on the battery.

Cover Flow: Now bookmark pages just like in iTunes with Cover Flow.

Browsing: Searching and moving across tabs is easy. Just type keyword in URL line and suggestions automatically come up on the screen. Pages opened in Private Browsing can’t access cookies from other sites.

Dictionary: Click on the word to know its meaning and also search keywords on webpages.

Speech/Audio: You can listen to all or portion of text on any webpage simply by highlighting the section you want to listen and selecting Speech button in the browser.

Online Security: Safari has been recognized as one of the best internet browsers for keeping your online presence protected from hackers and malicious viruses. Now move around the web without worrying about your pages, personal or business information getting compromised.

Cookie Blocking: Safari holds a distinction as being the first browser ever to give users option to block cookies by default, thus preventing third-party webpages from sneaking into the system storage, databases or browser cache.

Password Protected: Control your online privacy by setting password for accessing Safari browser which also keeps intruders at bay and forestalls unauthorized access.

Layout: Simple and elegant page design of Safari makes browsing less laborious.

Based on the result of various tests it become evident that Safari is much better option compared to Chrome and Firefox on many levels. See the image below (pic. courtesy Apple).



Although Safari Browser has seen a number of improvement as far as its Windows 10 PC version is concerned but still Apple seems reluctant to release Safari packed with complete feature set. Many Safari plugins are not workable on Windows and changing fonts in reader mode is not available.

How to download and install Safari Browser for Windows 10:

See links below to download Safari on computers and laptops having Windows 10 installed on them. Install add-ons that aid in browsing and help you get things done quickly with minimum fuss.

Download Safari for Windows 10: Link

Safari Extensions: Link

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