SamadAV Antivirus 2016 for Windows 10 – Download

SamadAV Antivirus 2016 is the new antivirus and internet security tool that is fast gaining popularity and is developed by an Indonesian tech company. Download SamadAV Antivirus 2016 and give your PC an added protection. You must be wondering what is so special about SamadAV Antivirus 2016 for Windows 10 that is not available on other well reputed antivirus software packages, well, for one it is extremely light and fast that is rarely the case with many other antivirus programs and second while most antivirus are programmed to run alone on one PC; you cannot install two antiviruses on one PC, but with SamdAV Antivirus 2016 for PC you can use more than one antivirus packages on a single machine; one as primary antivirus while using SamadAV as secondary defense on one PC.

SamadAV antivirus provides additional protection alongside your main antivirus program, if primary antivirus misses any virus or malware then SamadAV Antivirus catches it in its tracks and removes it from Windows 10 PC. Although modern Windows 10 apps proclaim to be completely safe but still its better to have added protection on your PC before surfing the internet or downloading & installing new apps.

Additional Security

This antivirus acts as a secondary layer of defense against malicious viruses and malware. It doesn’t eat up much system resources which makes it run smoothly even with another antivirus program on your computer. It uses just 5MB RAM and less than 1% processor power, so even having two antivirus programs does not slows down PC.

Protection against USB Viruses

Internet security solutions don’t necessarily protect PCs again viruses that come from USB flash sticks. But SamadAV makes sure that not a single virus from USB can attack your PC. It scans for all latest viruses and weed them out of the USB even before they can infect system files.

Less annoying updates

Most antivirus programs require regular updates for keeping virus definition up to date but there is no such problem with SamadAV antivirus. You won’t be pestered by irritating updates. With paid SamadAV version updates are automatically installed in the background even when your PC is offline. After the first manual update subsequent updates will be installed automatically.

SamadAV Antivirus features:

  • Change interface window size, background colors and image.
  • Password protect antivirus package.
  • 24/7 protection against Trojans and malware.
  • Congenial with other antivirus software on the same PC.
  • Automatic updates
  • Offline protection against USB viruses.

Download free SamadAV Antivirus 2016 here and follow on-screen instructions to install it. Double-protect your PC against viruses and malware with this secondary virus protection tool.

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