Shadow Strike for PC Windows 10 & Mac

Shadow Strike is action strategy drone flying game and currently is the only game which has been able to capture the true essence of modern drone warfare. Fast action combats really test your reflexes and ability to quickly adapt strategy according to the situation on the battlefield. Originally launched for the users of android and iOS devices, this game is now available to be played on PC and laptops with our Shadow Strike for PC Widows 10 & Mac.

Now fly world’s best UCAV drones loaded with latest technology in Shadow Strike for PC. Battlefield environment is based on real world situations even drone equipment is the one that’s used on real drones such as FLIR camera to zoom in on the target. As drone pilot complete missions while avoid civilian causalities, only target those areas you have been assigned to destroy. Any unnecessary carnage could cost you points and hurt promotion chances. Impress with your performance and rise through the ranks to become commander in chief of drone unit in Shadow Strike for Windows 10. Let’s take a quick look at main features of the game in the following section.

Main Features of Shadow Strike:

•Fly 8 different types of UCAVs, from prototypes to official in-service aircrafts!
•Defend, Survive, Strike or Escort; 34 missions in 5 real world inspired campaigns.
•Cannons, Guided Missiles, Rockets & Bombs; 4 types of weapons, 25 ways to light ‘em up.
•Superior upgrades. Choose to be light & stealthy or loud & proud!
•7 Additional enhancements. Dominate the battlefield with airstrikes, nukes & more!
•Simple and easy intuitive touch controls, command the battle with just a fingertip!
•Fight alongside friendly AI forces. Provide overwatch and protect them at all costs!
•20 official Ranks. Start as an Airman Basic and rise up to command as a Master General.
•Over 282 Challenges & 70 Achievements.
•More campaign episodes to come.

How to download and install Shadow Strike for PC Windows 10 & Mac:

Here we will show you how to get mobile version of Shadow Strike installed on your Windows and Mac OS desktops and laptops.

1 – Download and install latest version of best android app player BlueStacks by using the links below.

Download BlueStacks | BlueStacks Help

2 – Using Google Play ID register with BlueStacks.

3 – Go to the search box and type Shadow Strike which will take you to the game installation windows similar to the one shown below. Click install.Shadow_Strike_for_Windows104 – Or just download the game on BlueStacks with Shadow Strike Apk.

5 – All done, best drone strike game is installed. Have fun!

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