Skype for Windows 10

Skype is a video and audio calling and messaging app that helps people no matter where they are in the world connect with their friends, families and business partners in seconds. Not only you can talk to your loved ones but conducting business over long distances has also become easy with Skype communication app. Recently Microsoft purchased Skype for mammoth $8 billion. You might be wondering there are plenty of similar apps on the internet which offer same facilities but with Skype you can call landline numbers as well provided you have purchased a Skype number.Skype_for_WindowsThere are many other features in Skype that similar other communication apps lack at the moment such as you can have Skype credit and official Skype number which can be used to video and audio call both mobile and landline numbers anywhere in the world and even communicate with those people who aren’t even logged into Skype or don’t have a Skype account. You can use Skype on any operating system, it supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS. But Since it’s Microsoft’s app, hence, Windows 10 users get to enjoy more features compared to users of other platforms.

Skype for Windows 10:

With the help of Skype language translation feature you can talk to people who don’t even speak your native language, Skype automatically translates different languages in a matter of seconds into your language of choice making communication between people belonging to various cultures more convenient. Both business and private users can group chat with colleagues and friends anytime and anywhere. Sending pictures, files and sharing your desktops screen with others is just a few clicks away.

Skype offers lots of membership plans which users can pick according to their requirements for contacting those who don’t have Skype at reasonable prices. You can adjust settings and contact lists, set certain numbers as favorite, voice mail your contacts if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to type long text or call. Skype is must have these days for both long and short distance communication purposes. Businesses can reduce their costs considerably by using Skype for conducting interviews and meetings. Microsoft is constantly upgrading Skype services to keep in touch with ever changing communication landscape and user needs. We strongly recommend this app to our website visitors. [Download Skype]

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