Three Best-Selling Windows Apps for Your Enhanced Writing Skills

Are you using writing checking apps for your Windows device to become a better writer? If no, you should at least pay attention to the best-selling software for students and copywriters. These tools will make you a guru of a written word! Below you can easily find some of the best ones, that will become great assistance any time you need.


Grammarly is the most popular application for writers of all levels today, no doubt. With a free version to try, its developers have included everything necessary that a college student, famous book author, journalist, or copywriter may ever need in their career. Grammarly definitely excels other similar tools. It does not only make your text error-free; it ensures that the piece is readable and simple for a user. You might not notice it from the first sight.

Of course, it is not perfect. One of the cons is the plagiarism detector inserted inside this app. It is just a fun addition, and it is not accurate at all. For example, it may show that your text is 97% unique, while apps like will detect 10% or even more of duplicate content. Thus, the writers should know which indicators they can trust and which are fake.

On the whole, it is recommended that you have several tools for checking and improving your texts. Grammarly is a must-have, and that is the right time to invest some of your money into the software. If you select a free version, you get some features, but they might be insufficient if you really want to show your best in front of the class:

  • Grammar;
  • Spelling;
  • Punctuation;
  • Style;
  • Sentence structure;
  • Vocabulary enhancement;
  • Plagiarism detector.

As we have discussed, the last one is rather weak. It is better to upgrade to the Premium package from the very start. This way, the app will identify bugs more accurately; it will even notice typos. If you upgrade to Premium, the plagiarism detecting tool will also improve, scanning more than 16 million pages for similar results. Still, it is better to rely on other online programs when it comes to uniqueness.

Except for wordiness and readability, Grammarly will offer the best ideas from the vocabulary. That is an excellent feature for international students and people doing business overseas. The software will give you a hint on which words or phrases to use better in various cases. The developers have considered the usage of formal and informal language, gender-biased language, etc. The app will offer better options if possible. It will help to sound more diplomatic.

The first way that you can use Grammarly is online. You may add the extension to your browser or simply open the software’s official page and copy-paste the text to check it thoroughly. Another idea is to install Grammarly as a Word extension. Then, it will detect errors and offer solutions right in your document. It depends on which way you prefer and feel more comfortable with.

Focus Writer

That is another great solution for students who wish to excel in their writing. As a student, you might have heard about such a thing as procrastination, and it is an irritating thing. Another problem is the so-called writer’s block. If you cannot withstand various distractions while working on your papers, think about downloading this app on your preferred device – Focus Writer.

Focus Writer

The app was developed to help people gain and develop a very vital skill – self-control. We can call it an ability. The interface of this application may seem dull and basic, but that is how it motivates the user focus primarily on writing, and nothing else. Experts recommend hiding all other apps from the main screen.

Whether you need to finish a research paper for publication or a high school essay, Focus Writer will help you. This software for custom essay writing auto backs up everything that you write in it and stores in its memory. You will not miss a single important note. The only gap is the lack of good editing tool, but there is plenty of them offered for free on the web. The copy-paste functions are missing, which is another cons.

Hemingway Editor

The last app to discuss is a legendary Hemingway Editor. With this helper, you will forget issues with the passive voice once and forever. Readability is something that this app sets as its priority. In other words, it may turn you in a real Hemingway.

Hemingway Editor

The software contains several manuals and tutorials full of recommendations for excellent writing. They also explain how to paraphrase texts to avoid plagiarism, passive voice, and other problems. The app also offers the most suitable words to replace odd or weird ones. Hemingway will help you to get rid of the bad habits associated with writing.

Thee three applications are not the only ones on the list. You can find other types of software for education and write such as plagiarism checkers, topic generators, brainstorming tools, mind maps, organizers, and more. Never underestimate the power of learning apps, and you will succeed with your academics for sure!


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