Top 10 Best Music Manager & Downloader Apps for Windows

Music Manager apps and Music Downloader apps for Windows  devices are aplenty. You will find many Mucic Download & Manafer apps on the internet. But finding the best which perfectly suit your requirements is not an easy tasks considering there are millions of Music manager apps with each claiming to the best Music Downloader & Manager for Windows. In order to make it easier for you to find out the best Windows downloaders and managers, we have assembled a list of top 10 best music managers and downloader apps for Windows PC desktop, laptop and tablet.



Out first entry into this list of top 10 Music Downloader and Music Manager Apps for Windows devices is the one which most of you will already be well familiar with. Spotify is an all-purpose music downloader app for managing all your music related tasks on multiple devices with a single Spotify account. Spotify is not just a music manager, it offers most popular music streaming services, so you get two perks in one app. Moreover, Spotify allows you to record music, export/import playlists and much more with a few taps or clicks.

Spotify sports one of the best UIs available on modern music manager apps. Its simple to use with a short learning curve, anyone can quickly master its features and option to manage music. Spotify for Windows has special billboard charts, playlist sharing feature, TuneWiki lyrics plugin, and music marketplace for users to share and exchange music files. You can get official Spotify manager from


iTunes is a power music manager tool, but it remains one of the most multipurpose music download and manager apps on Windows platform. iTunes library gets constant updated with new content so you never miss out on latest music audio, videos, and concerts. If you own iOS devices iTunes makes transferring and managing music to and from PC Windows and iOS device whole lot more easy. You can get your music library, files, playlists and content in order using simple options. Moreover, you can customize iTunes for Windows with custom skins and other features.

iTunes makes accessing and using your music library on Windows quick and easy. You can download it for free and get more than just a music manager, it also acts as a top quality music downloader. iTunes offers features such as Apple’s standard library management and media player and the complete iTunes radio which remains active. Download here

iSkysoft iMusic

This one is my personal favorite. If you haven’t tried iSkysoft iMusic, we recommend that you do so immediately. iSkysoft iMusic for Windows is one of the best music managers for PC desktop and laptop. iSkysoft lets you download directly from YouTube, Spotify and other popular music streaming services. Additionally, built-in music library of iSkysoft gets updated regularly to add new soundtracks, albums, and other live music streaming content such as concerts, live shows and more.

What makes iSkysoft iMusic app for PC a great choice as a music downloader and manager is that even on its free version you can download from over 3,000 popular music services. You can convert music files into the format of your liking and play them on any digital device without worrying about unsupported format. You can record music streams, online songs, radio stations for offline listening.

That’s not it, in iSkysoft free MP3 downloader, you can easily transfer music files to iPhone, Android and other iOS devices, iTunes and PC, or any other device that you may have without any compatibility issues and file transfer limit. Features such as iTunes library management, restore lost music library, rebuilt, backup and restore functions make iSkySoft iMusic one of the most powerful music manager tools for Windows PC. Download here:

Wondershare TunesGo

Wondershare TunesGo music downloader and manger tool is another great option for music lovers. It’s easy to use, anyone can quickly get used to its interface options to manage music files across multiple devices. Wondershare TunesGo for Windows has a stylish interface which is packed with user friendly features and options to handle music downloading and management tasks. It extremely fast in downloading and transferring music files. Make you music library look stylish with the advanced music management options. You get fast and stable music manager on Windows. It supports all browsers. Download from any web browser directly onto Wondershare TunesGo.

Wondershare offers more features than many other similar apps around. You will find almost all music management options in Wondershare TunesGo. Manager music better than your friends and perform more music management and downloading in less time with this fast music manager for PC. Other features include cleaning library, auto analyzing music files to find broken files and repair them, backup and restore iTunes music library. transfer without any device restriction or limitation, share and access playlists shared by others, automatic file conversion into any popular or rartely used supported format. Download here:


Not many know about this great music downloader and management tool for Windows. Jaangle for Windows supports vast array of options. Its interface is easy to use. Jaangle for PC offers many customization options using which you can configure Jaangle the way you wish. Using Jaangle’s panels you can fly through large music libraries in no time to find songs and albums you’re looking for in the format you like or need for transfer onto another device. You’ll love Jaangle more the more you use it.

With Jaangle you can download songs along with artists biographies, using manual or auto tags makes editing songs/panels and interface faster. Jaangle’s auto DJ mode is a unique feature which is fun to use. Download here:


AIMP brings a fresh approach to music downloading and management on Windows devices. AIMP for Windows is a free application that offers a different music management experience than most other music downloader apps available on the internet. AIMP for PC is designed with Russian technology. It’s an easy to use and fast music downloader app.

You can change and customize templates in AIMP to suit your preferences. In order to arrange and categorize music, use AIMP’s Macros and smart playlists with audio converter and tag editor tools for free and enjoy music like never before. Download here:

Media Monkey

Media Monkey is one of the pioneers which brought revolution in online digital music download and management when it was first released back in the year 2001. Considering it lasted this long in a tough and ever expanding music download and managers app industry say a lot about its performance which made it the preferred choice of millions around the world. Media Monkey for Windows is one of the easiest to use music manager apps. You can also upgrade to the paid version. With Media Monkey you can organize music files automatically that saves time. Moreover, you can use third-party plugins to customize music downloader and management experience. Media trans-coding and album art features are fun and easy to use. Download here:


Foobar2000 is among the most advanced and unique music downloader & manger apps that you find for Windows platform. Foobar2000 for Windows is designed for all music lovers which offers wide range of music management tools for quick music downloading and management. Although its not available for mobile platforms, but you can contribute to the fund raising efforts initiated by the developers of Foobar2000 to keep this amazing music manager free while adding more features in future updates.

Interface of Foobar2000 may not be as attractive as other music downloaders around, but its music management features are one of the best. You can customize the interface options, access features quickly by creating keyboard shortcuts, a Gapless playback feature, tagging ability, ReplayGain option, and lots more. Download here:


Are you a music bee who just can’t stay away from the honey like allure of music? Well, if you’re, then there’s an app called MusciBee for Windows users that offers great music management features. UI is easy to use and makes everything organized in a way as if music is managed by automatic robots. Its attractive interface will make keep coming back to use MusicBee again and again.

MusicBee supports large variety of music file formats such as AAC, WAV, MP3, APE, WV, M4A, FLAC, OGG, WMA, Opus and more. You can set MusicBee to play tracks one after the other with its uninterrupted playback feature. Enable party mode to transform original track into a party version. There’s also lyrics support. Download here:


Winamp is one of the most loved music manager & downloader apps. Its rabid fan base explains why the decision to kill the service was changed following a huge uproar. In Winamp for Windows you get a great mixture of easy to use interface and advanced features in one place. Manage multiple music libraries in this one app with easy to use option. You can direct sync music from PC to Android devices using Winamp tool. You can listen to live radio streams, and with plugin support you can customize appearance and working according to your personal liking. Download Here:

Wrap Up

These are currently the best music manager and downloder on Windows platform. If you think we missed any app, share in the comments below.

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