Top 3 Best Backup Software for Windows 10 – Download

Accidental data loss can create havoc in your life especially if its of personal and business nature, therefore, importance of regular data backup on PCs can’t be stressed enough. There are many PC data backup software programs available but finding the right one designed to cover all your preferences takes time and effort. This is why in order to make things easier for you and to save you search time, in this post, we will be discussing salient features of best backup software packages currently available intended to address all your data backup related tasks on Windows 10. To protect yourself in case of accidental data loss due to human error or some hacker attack its wise to download backup software on PC Windows.

People these days save all their digital data including personal photos, documents, files in digital form on computers. But this also makes that data vulnerable to malicious virus or hacker attacks which could adversely impact your privacy and security. Recovering lost data can get daunting for non-experts home users or for even experts it can take inordinately extensive amount of time to recover the lost stuff on PC. This is where a top quality data recovery and backup software program comes into play. It not only backs up all your PC data in safe location but also lets you access the latest restore point to recover the data from the last saved point, thus, making sure you can pickup from where you left off before data loss or damage.

List below provides information about best backup apps for Windows 10 PC. Read their features before choosing the one that is best aligned with your preferences.

1 – AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper data backup utility comes in many variants, both free and paid version for home and professional users. Standard version of the software is free but comes with limited features that should be enough to address most of the needs of home users. Business users can take a look at various price plans before selecting the one that best suits them. Download AOMEI Backupper Standard version for free here which is compatible with Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP (32/64bit). AOMEI comes with additional free disk partition features that allocates disk space among drives without any data loss in the process.

2 – Paragon Backup & Recovery

Paragon data backup tool automatically creates backup files for the entire PC data so that you don’t have to manually perform time consuming data backup tasks. Best bit about Paragon is that it saves data on cloud servers; creating clones of physical drives and saves them on virtual networks so that disk imaging doesn’t consume space on your PC. It offers supports for Windows 10/8/7/2000 & XP. There are four recovery interfaces that restore PC to normal even after the most dangerous attacks on computer. Download Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Edition here albeit with limited features. If you want to know about different price plans for business use or complete protection then click here.

3 – Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image tool not only backs up just files and folders, it also saves whole OS including apps and data to external hard driver or NAS. You can restore entire data backup on same or new PC without any issues related to software compatibility on new machine. Other features include:

  • Fast backup almost 50% speedy backup compared to similar other offerings on the market.
  • Uses industry leading 256-bit encryption to protect data from hackers and surveillance.
  • No need to reinstall the OS, just restore last saved backup from cloud servers or external drive and PC will be back running again.
  • Choose either to backup entire OS or specific files and folders.
  • Use Time Explorer feature to restore image of the file from an earlier point in time apart from the last saved version.

Acronis True Image 2016 may be a bit tough to get around for non-expert users at first as various options take some getting used to, however, after familiarizing yourself with the software tool you will be able to use it more proficiently. Trial period starts with free 250 GB cloud storage space, after that, paid version come for $49.99 plus $9.99 for 5GB cloud service or $99.99/year for 500GB cloud service and all features unlocked, check here for more details.

Download Acronis True Image 2016 – Free: Link

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