Top 3 Password Managers for Windows 10 PC – Download

These days with all social media and email accounts it is getting increasingly difficult to remember all the information and passwords associated with different accounts. This is where having a reliable Password Manager software installed on PC has become indispensable. User data security and privacy are the key tenets on which Windows 10 has been marketed by Microsoft, but its prudent to be on the safer side, no matter how secure the OS claims it is, there is always a possibility of data breach. Such cases could be nipped in the bud by having a quality Free Password Manager tool on PC Windows 10. In this post we will review top 3 best password managers available for Windows users, for more latest Windows 10 apps click here.

Password Managers makes it impossible for hackers or anyone trying to pry on your personal information from gaining access to sensitive information. There are many Password managers available for download with some aspects unique to each tool but essentially all carry out some standard data protection tasks that we have come to expect from any top-notch password manager package. Let’s see what are the common features found in most password managers before listing the best available for download on the internet.

All password keepers come with some sort of security vault that saves your data and password in an encrypted form. Auto syncing in another standard feature on many password manager tools, they sync your personal data on multiple devices so that it can be access from anywhere, also they create difficult passwords with sharing features. It is not possible to remember passwords linked to all your email and social media accounts nowadays; password managers saves them in one location along with personal information related to specific accounts. All you have to do is to remember just one main password to log into your password manager account to access the security vault and rest of the information about all your passwords will be there for you to access.

1 – Dashlane


This password manager tool is renowned for its easy to navigate UI, even starters can grasp the options quickly and use it to save all their online and offline information linked to all user accounts. Here is what to expect from Dashlane:

  • It stores all information about your online shopping along with shopping slips in a security vault.
  • Auto-fill online forms by copy-pasting information related to the particular account.
  • Use master key which only you know to unlock encrypted passwords for various accounts.
  • Save it as an add-on in your web browser to let it automatically save passwords.

Download Dashlane: Link

2 – RoboForm


Roboform password manager claims that forget about having to remember long difficult passwords ever again. And after testing it, we can say with certainty that it gets the job done. You can use it on any web browser, it can handle heaps of account related information and aligns it in an easy to retrieve style. Here are main Roboform features:

  • Set master password and remember this one password to enter Roboform and rest is done by the manager tool itself, it’s bookmark style login enables you to enter any website or account with one click.
  • All passwords and information is automatically synced on tablets, phones, desktops and laptops, so that you can access it from any device.
  • All information and passwords are saved using state of the art encryption technology. Only you know the master password, it’s not even saved on Roboform’s own servers for maximum privacy.
  • No need to fill lengthy forms online while shopping or placing an order, Roboform fills them for you with one click.

Download Roboform: Link

3 – LastPass


LastPass once installed appears as a browser extension and thereafter handles all passwords and various account information on your behalf. It is best for business users as it provides centralized and affordable password management service for enterprise customers along with cloud SSO support. Although home users can download its free version but it has restricted features with no syncing capability, if you are ok with that then go ahead with the free version. Paid version comes with trial period at the end of which you will be asked to purchase license with money. LastPass offers following services:

  • One master password to access all account information in encrypted form for only you to see.
  • Fast search function to quickly retrieve account details and passwords.
  • Syncing facility across multiple devices for accessing updated information on all electronic devices.
  • Latest AES-256 bit encryption protects passwords from being decoded by an unauthorized person.
  • Password generator for creating complex passwords that are difficult to hack.

LastPass free version is suitable for home users and does most essential protection tasks. LastPass Premium $12/year and LastPass Enterprise $24/year are aimed at business users with added support.

Download Free LastPass: Link

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