Top 3 Win 10 Apps for Helping with Student Essay.

Many college students carry around a laptop that makes it easier for them to type papers, do research for assignments, and more. For students running a Windows 10 operating system, these three apps can be a lifesaver when writing papers. (Don’t worry if you don’t run Windows 10—there are any other apps available to help you write your student essay).

1. FocusWriter.

What’s your biggest distraction while writing? Many writers have a problem with being distracted when they are trying to finish a book and college students writing essays are no exception. FocusWriter is the perfect tool for people who don’t quite have the self-control to avoid distractions while writing. (Don’t feel bad—that’s most college students).

FocusWriter works because it takes up the entire screen. Even though the interface looks basic, this serves the purpose of letting you focus on nothing but the writing. You can hide other apps and notifications. You can also set writing goals, keep track of your progress, and even set timers and alarms for when you can get back to your usual browsing.

Students worried about keeping their work safe will appreciate that this automatically backs up. Something to note, however, is that you’ll probably want to switch to a new program for editing. This does not have a copy, paste, and other editing functions that you get from other writing apps.

3 best writing apps for Windows 10

2. Grammarly

There are tons of editing apps available, but Grammarly excels. It works with Microsoft Office or you can use it online and copy and paste from any platform. In Word, Grammarly tracks your regular spelling/grammar mistakes. They email you to give updates on your word usage, common errors, and more, which has the potential to really help your living situation improve.

Grammarly has a free version that works primarily for word usage, spelling, punctuation, and other basic grammar errors. For college students really looking to excel, there is a Grammarly Premium extension. Grammarly Premium looks for conciseness and readability in your writing while suggesting vocabulary that will enhance what you are trying to say. As an added benefit, the Premium extension doubles as a plagiarism detector that looks over more than 16 billion web pages for duplicate content.

3. Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor can be downloaded on your PC or used in the online version. This works by highlighting problem areas in your text. This focuses more on readability than spelling and grammar. It highlights sentences that are hard or very hard to read, meaning you should break them down into smaller sentences. It also suggests simpler alternatives for complicated words and highlights adverb usage.

One thing that students may also appreciate is that the tool highlights the use of passive voice. Passive voice is not generally recommended for academic assignments, but many students speak passively out of habit. While the Hemingway app won’t tell you exactly how to rewrite your sentences, it does show you where passive voice is being used. You can easily look at a few tutorials and teach yourself how to re-write these sentences. Identifying them is important, especially as many people speak passively out of learned habit. Habits are hard to break.

Becoming a better writer is something that will benefit you through your entire education. Some people even use the skills they learn in their chosen job field to stand out. With these tools, learning to write essays on Windows 10 has never been easier. They can serve the foundation as writing apps for college students. Find out how they work for you by downloading them and giving them a try.


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