Top 5 Best Battery Saver Apps for Windows 10

Fast draining battery on Windows 10 laptops is one of the most pandemic issues facing PC users. Fortunately there are easy fixes to resolve this nuisance to bring Windows 10 PC back to normal battery level with apps we will be detailing here. In this post after extensive testing we have assembled a list of best battery drain fixing apps that you can download and install on Windows 10 computers to get rid of battery drainage problems for once and for all. PC battery deteriorates with usage and in most cases hardly lasts more than 4 to 5 hours after one year, but battery management apps enable it to perform at an optimal level and extend battery life on laptop.

Having a faulty battery installed on computers can cause numerous irritating problems; it can disrupt your workflow if PC/laptop is not switched to a power source and battery suddenly stops working resulting in computer shut down which can create unnecessary headache if you forgot to save work. Or if your PC has an old battery attached to it then chances of it draining quickly increase with the passage of time as more battery cycles are consumed. This is where battery saving application becomes indispensable.

You can also increase battery life by reducing power needs of the PC, by charging it regularly or use Windows power saving tools but all that demands proper attention and time on users’ part, we don’t want to spend time on petty battery saving issues, that’s why it is recommended to have battery optimization app installed on laptops that does all that stuff on your behalf. Here is the list of top battery saver apps for PC Windows 10 that work seamlessly in the background to improve PC battery performance with optimization features and extend its life.

1 – Battery Optimizer

After installing Battery Optimizer app you won’t have to worry about keeping an eye on battery level on Windows 10 laptops while trying to get to the next level in game or finishing office work as well as trying to save it in the nick of the time before battery runs out of juice. You can’t keep PC/Laptops connected to a power source all the time, and if it’s not around while battery is low can create havoc when you are trying to get some work done. Battery Optimizer shuts unnecessary apps running the background to lighten the strain on battery that gives you precious extra minutes of battery life when needed.

Its clear interface displays battery status, consumption patterns, charging level and battery health indicator. It helps you set laptops settings to a level where you can get the maximum out of battery. It also displays time left before recharge is required. Old laptops batteries that no longer charge to full capacity is a common problem, in such cases better battery optimization is the only practical way of getting the most out of what the battery has to offer, which this app does seamlessly.

Download Battery Optimizer for Windows 10: Link

2 – Battery Life Extender

This battery management app is designed to optimize batteries on Samsung PC/laptops. Windows 7 & 8 users have raised concerns that the battery on their computers is charged only up to 80% after installing Battery Life Extender app, this is because the app sets default battery charge level to 80% to extend its useful life, of course, you can switch the feature off, learn how to do so here.

Battery Life Extender app has plenty of optimization features that keep the battery in tiptop condition and saving you money that you would have otherwise wasted on purchasing a new replacement battery.

Download Battery Life Extender for Windows 10: Link (to unzip downloaded file use winrar tool)

3 – Laptop Battery Saver 5.9

This battery saver  app is the best option if your are using Windows 10 laptops. It unburdens PC processor from extra activity, thus, saving its power and battery consumption in the mean time. With its latest scanning mode it tracks emerging and forthcoming battery issues well in advanced to give to an ample time to sort them out, but mostly it does all battery recovery tasks automatically without you having to manually address them.

It automatically takes screen into a stand-by mode to extend battery hours if you are away and not using any opened program that is trying to stop the screen from going into the stand-by. After installation it auto-optimization feature keeps battery healthy. It is recommended that you scan the downloaded installer file with latest antivirus program before installation.

Download Laptop Battery Saver for Windows 10: Link

4 – BatteryCare

Properly thought out battery power plan extends its life and this is exactly what BatteryCare app does by monitoring and presenting all details about battery configuration settings to guide you on the best course of action relating to optimization. It presents battery cycle information in easy to understand manner on user friendly interface. Installation takes just a few minutes and app’s learning curve is short and easy for new users.

After installation app icon is placed on system tray, simply right-click or tap on it to choose and quickly change the power plan out of three option Balanced, Power Saver and High Performance. It monitors battery in real-time and notifies you as soon as battery usage goes above the normal level.

Download BatteryCare for Windows 10: Link

5 – Battery Doubler

Our last entry into the list proclaims to double the battery life by making it last almost 50% more than the normal charge. It is light software and has easy to use interface. It not only enhances battery life but also heals damaged battery by configuring its settings to optimal level under different workload and usage scenarios. All apps that you are not using are turned off automatically to extend battery charge.

Re-calibration feature provides update about discharge cycle and helps in understanding the most critical issues effecting battery life on laptops.

Download Battery Doubler for Windows 10: Link

Choose the best battery saver app from the above list that you think would get the job done on your Windows 10 laptops and PCs.

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