Top 5 Best Media Players for Windows 10

You can find lots of Media Players for Windows on the internet, which is makes it tough for users to decided which one best fits their requirements. In order to save you time in searching for the best media players for Windows 10, we have compiled a list of top 5 media players for Windows 10 PC desktop & laptop. If you have been searching for the best Windows media player tool that fits your personal preferences perfectly, then keep on reading as we have managed to bring some of the best Media Players for Windows 10 devices. All Media Player apps below work on Windows 10 desktop/laptop as well as Windows 10 powered Surface Pro tablets. In the top 5 best media players for Windows 10 list, you’ll find explanation of the best features of Windows 10 Media Players to make the selection process easier for you. You can download your favorite one from the links below, or download all of them to try them on your Windows 10 PC and decide for yourself.


There are certain factor you need to keep in mind when deciding on the quality of the media player. Best features that all top media players should possess include support for large variety of formats, user-friendly interface, video and audio output quality, audio and video playback, fast online streaming among many other important features. Here’s a list of best media players for Windows 10 PCs, read a brief description of their features and click on the download link to know more about the media player.

Top 5 Best Media Players for PC Windows 10

1 – VLC Media Player


When you think of Windows Media Player apps, the first one that immediately pops in mind is the VLC media player. Its the first choice of the majority of the Windows users because it offers lots of features for audio and video playbacks. The VLC media player has a simple user-friendly interface with all the options laid out on the interface for quick and easy access. There are no complex hidden menu in VLC. It comes with multiple language support. VLC for Windows 10 is free to download software and takes only a few seconds to install on PC. VLC also supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, XP, Vista operating systems. Find out more about the VLC Media Player here.

2 – GOM Media Player


Second Media Player tool that makes our list of best Windows 10 media players is the GOM Media Player. Developed by GOM labs, it’s one of the most used media players apps on Windows PC desktop and laptop. Now, it also supports Windows 10 powered Surface Pro tablet devices. Packed with advanced multimedia support and playback features. Get more details about the official version from webpage.

3 – KMPlayer


KMPlayer is popular among PC users due to its crystal clear video quality and fast image rendering features that quickly loads videos recorded in even Quad-HD (QHD) quality. KMPlayer for Windows 10 supports all popular video and audio formats. Both audio and video playback features are free. Its free to download and has a simple UI. See more about KMPlayer in official webpage.

4 – Real Player

Real Player for Windows 10 is the one media player app that has been around since the early days of Windows OS. Its been around for years, and is showing no sign of lowering popularity, which is understandable considering the features it offers. You can play both audio and video files with Read Player for PC in every format available. Moreover, it now supports online streaming as well, which is faster than most other media players around. Real Players also offers Quick Time support.

5 – 5KPlayer


Last but not the least the 5KPlayer is the newest of all media players on this list. In terms of features, it can rival VLC and Windows Media Player. You can save online videos with 5KPlayer. It opens videos really fast no matter what the video size or image quality. It also has a download feature that allows users to download video and audio files from the internet from within the app. You can watch YouTube videos, Apple AirPlay and other services using its live online streaming feature. Here’s all you need to know about 5KPlayer.

What’s your favorite Media Player on PC? Share with us in the comments section below.

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