WhatsApp for Windows 10

Today we will let you know how to download and install WhatsApp for Windows 10. As you all know that Microsoft has recently released their best and most anticipated version of Windows that we are were looking for. So with the release of new version of Windows you all would be thinking if those Android or iOS apps would be still working for the PC or not. The Answer is Yes! all the famous apps including the most used messaging app on smartphones WhatsApp is also available for the Windows 10.

The method we are going to discuss below can be applied on the older version of Windows as well including the Mac Computer. So you can still be able to download WhatsApp for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 or even Windows XP as well – Although the later have lost all the security services from its developer Microsoft.

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Why you need WhatsApp for Windows 10 when there is a WhatsApp Web App Available for Browsers?

Yes this would be the most critical question that you might have. Let me give a simple reply. With WhatsApp Web App you can only use the app when its sync with the smartphone app and this app can’t provide you with all the features that are loaded on WhatsApp for Windows 10.

With WhatsApp to be installed on a desktop or Laptop running Windows 10 via BlueStaks Android Emulator app you can have all the features of this app ready to use as you can enjoy them mostly on any smartphone that has WhatsApp installed on it.

Main Features of WhatsApp for Windows 10:

With the WhatsApp For Windows 10 once installed on your PC. You can have following features enabled what you dreamed about on the WhatsApp Web App.

1- Once rightly downloaded and installed you would never really need a smartphone sync to run the WhatsApp application on your PC.

2- You can easily change the status whenever you want right from your PC running Windows.

3- You can also change or remove the profile image any time without consulting your smartphone.

4- You can add or delete contacts from the groups you managed or being admin of.

5- The WhatsApp for Windows 10 via BlueStacks is similar to the WhatsApp for Android or iOS.

6- You can add or edit sound clips and then send them to your contacts.

7- You can share video files with your contacts too which was not possible with the WhatsApp WebApp.

So with all those features described above you would be quite eager to learn how to download WhatsApp on your brand new Windows 10 for free.

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How To Download WhatsApp for Windows 10 Using BlueStacks:

Now once you are cleared about all the advantages and features of the WhatsApp for Windows 10, you can now download and install it by following the guide given below in order to properly execute the app to get all the features you are looking forward on this messaging app.

Before moving forward to the WhatsApp installation, One thing I want to mention here is the Android Emulator app that we are using here with the name of BlueStacks. Which is the third party app and is available to help you download Android apps like this one to download and install them on your PC with Windows 10. You can have a detailed tutorial about downloading and installing the BlueStacks Player App here.

Now after all those info given above Lets download and install WhatsApp For Windows 10, You have to follow the step by step guide given below in order to get the game installed on your PC.

Download WhatsApp for Windows 10 PC:

Step 1: First of all you should have the legitimate version of BlueStacks Installed on your PC. If Not, then download it from the links given below. We recommend the BlueStacks Offline Installer for Windows 10 or Windows 8/7/XP. All the downloading and installation directions are given in the links below.

BlueStacks | BlueStacks Offline Installer

Step 2: Once you downloaded the BlueStacks Android Emulator, You can now download the WhatsApp Apk file either from the Google Play Store inside BlueStacks or simply Download the Apk file from the links given below.

WhatsApp Apk | WhatsApp Apk (Google Play Store)

Step 3: Or if you are logged in with the Google Play Store ID and you want to download the App via BlueStacks go to the search box on the top left corner of your BlueStacks app. Click on it and type the Games name i.e “WhatsApp” Once done you will see the app below as seen in the picture. Just click it and it will start downloading.


Step 4: Once WhatsApp is downloaded, you can simply click on the downloaded app and it opens up.

Step 5: That’s it you are done with Downloading and Installing WhatsApp for Windows 10.

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How to Register on WhatsApp for Windows 10 PC:

Now Once you have successfully downloaded and installed WhatsApp on Windows 10 all you have to do is register your Old number or the new one with the app so that you can start using the best messaging app with out wasting any moment. Because registering with WhatsApp for Windows PC is a bit different then the regular registration done on smartphones. So you have to follow this step by step guide to register successfully.

WhatsApp_For_Windows_10 (3)

Register WhatsApp on Windows 10 PC:

1- Once the installation is done, Go back to the main menu on the Bluestacks screen by clicking on the back button below.

2- There would be the icon of newly downloaded WhatsApp messanger in front of you. Click open it

WhatsApp_For_Windows_10 (2)

3- Once the app opens you can see the terms and conditions screen. Click on the button below to accept them or just wait and read all the terms and conditions out loud for the next half an hour. 😉

4- Once done you will be asked for the number you want to register your WhatsApp with. You should give the right number with the country code so that they can send you the most needed verification code to verify you and the device.

WhatsApp_For_Windows_10 (4)

5- The main show starts here as you can’t be verified with the standard SMS or auto verification process that is mostly used by WhatsApp for their Android or iOS users. So you have to wait until it shows a fail message and once done you can click on the call option.

6- This will let you receive a call on the number you have just provided. During the call you will get the code that you are looking for. Just put that code in the verification box and here you go.

WhatsApp_For_Windows_10 (5)

Your WhatsApp for Windows 10 should be successfully registered by now. You can now use your newly installed application the way you use it on your smartphones.

Now if you have the older version of Windows i.e Windows 8.1 / 7/ XP or even if you are using the Mac computer you can follow all the steps given above to download and install the WhatsApp for PC on your desktop computer or even on your laptop.

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Hope you won’t face any issue as the tutorial written above is the best and easiest way not only to download and install but also to register WhatsApp on Windows 10. We hope that you would be enjoying using the worlds best messaging app on your computer running the latest version of Windows.

Anyways is you still have any question you can ask us and we will be there to help you out regarding this guide.


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