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ZoomText for Windows is the software program designed to help those with weak eyesight and visually handicapped people read and listen to text files and webpages on PC/laptops. It’s the best reading software currently available that performs screen magnification function on Windows PC/laptops. Those who struggle to read text or see tiny objects such as logos, buttons and similar other things on Windows PC screens can use ZoomText for PC. It comes in three versions, ZoomText for Windows 10 offers its own special services to enable users to magnify text for best reading experience on PC.


You can select from three version of ZoomText reading assistant tool depending on your needs. ZoomText Magnifier amplifies objects, texts, webpages and program to enable users to see them clearly. ZoomText Magnifier plus Reader not only enlarges text but it also reads them for those who can’t see properly. And the third version ZoomText Fusion contains all the features of previous two types with added full screen reader mode.

Main Features of ZoomText:

ZoomText is intelligent screen magnifier software, it has plenty of options to serve the needs of all kinds of users, from visually impaired to those who need screen enlargement tool for projects and work purposes. The software’s camera feature allows you to see things on the screen via PC webcam.

It has support for all latest touchscreen devices, users of Windows tablets can also use ZoomText for reading purposes. With the xFont technology of the tool, you will be able to see text in any app, program or webpage at your preferred magnification level.

Dual Monitor support divides the screen into magnified and normal areas, and highlights only that portion which you want to see clearly. Use the software’s Desktop Finder tool to search for open and saved programs on your PC, with Web Finder you can search words and phrases on the internet in magnified screen. Text Finder enables you to find specific text within different Windows programs and apps.

You can select from eight zooming levels to see items on the screen. There are easy navigation buttons for scrolling to move around the screen to get to the specific region inside the app or program. Other options that will interest users looking to boost reading experience include Color amplification, Cursor enlargement and Focus intensification.

Download and Install ZoomText for Windows 10 PC:

Click on the link below to download ZoomText magnifier and reader software. It has multiple language support, choose your preferred language during the setup. There is speech support available that guides users during the installation.

Download ZoomText for Windows 10: Link


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