ComboFix for Windows 10

If you have been using the ComboFix Malware tool for Windows which is helpful to remove all types of these junk files and all the spywares from the computer that is loaded with the latest version of Windows. The Combofix is available for the older versions of Windows but we have brought the ComboFix for Windows 10 which is the latest version of the Windows. Here are some of the important features of the ComboFix for Windows 10.

ComboFix is a program, created by sUBs, that scans your computer for known malware, and when found, attempts to clean these infections automatically. In addition to being able to remove a large amount of the most common and current malware, ComboFix also displays a report that can be used by trained helpers to remove malware that is not automatically removed by the program.


You can check the ComboFix User guide here.

How to Download ComboFix for Windows 10 PC:

To download and install the ComboFix for Windows 10 you have to unable the Windows 10 Defender program as it is the official program installed in Windows 10 replacing the Windows Security program pre-loaded in the previous versions of windows.

To disable the Windows 10 Defender program you have to Follow these instructions form the guide here where you can download the Windows Defender blocker program and them install it on your computer with the help of this guide. Make sure to permanently disable the Windows 10 program.

Now you have to download and install the ComboFix from the given link below which will help in downloading and installing the app once the built in Windows 10 defender is blocked. Here is the further guide for the Windows 10 which will let you know about the ComboFix installation for the Windows 10 version.





Once you have completed the above given procedure you can download the app from the given link

ComboFix for Windows 10: Link



  1. I tried in so many ways but it does not work. I always receive the same message that it works only operating system till windows 8.1 and windows 2000 is no longer supported!
    Is it strange or there is something wrong?

    • No, that’s expected. Article author is of highly questionable competence and combofix doesn’t work on 10 regardless of what you do. It’s hardcoded into the program not to even start on Win10.

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