How To Download and Backup Your Facebook Data

Want to know everything Facebook has on you, including information about your online/offline activities, personal data, and off the platform behavior? Follow the instructions in this tutorial to learn how to download all your Facebook data and backup a copy of the information that the social media giant keeps about you since the day you created an account.


As you might well have known by now that Facebook is in the midst of a massive user data privacy scandal these days. The world’s biggest online social media website is being accused of collecting way more information than its users sign up for at the time of joining. When you accept the terms & condition of Facebook, it gives the company the right to keep a record of everything there is to know about your online, and in some cases offline behavior, from the day you first logged into your account with the social network.

The company collects data, including your location, address, phone numbers, facial recognition data, ads you see and click, credit/debit card information, personal information, and much more. On mobile phones, Facebook even collects your SMS and call log records as well (with your consent).

Facebook proclaims that it uses all this information just for research purposes and to improve its services. But recent events have made it abundantly clear that there is more to it than meets the eye. The social network sells user data to outside parties for a fees in order to grow its revenues. So if you want to know what sort of data about you the company keeps, which can then be sold to others, follow the steps below.

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As the Cambridge Analytic episode showed, your data could easily fall in the hands of unethical enterprises capable of deploying sophisticated measures to exploit and manipulate users on the internet. Therefore, it’s important that you have all details about your facebook data that the company collects. One way to do it is to download a copy of all your data.


In the following guide, see how to easily download an archive of your Facebook data.

How To Download Your Complete Facebook Data History

Facebook gives users an option to create an archive of all the data that the social media site collects. So, if you want to learn about your Facebook Data, or want to save it in the form of an archive for safe record keeping before deleting your account, here are the steps to go about the task.

1 – Login to your Facebook account.

2 – Go to Facebook Settings page.

3 – Under “General Account Settings”, click the Download a copy link.

4 – In the “Download Your Information” page, click the Start My Archive button.

5 – Enter your Facebook password, when prompted.

6 – Hit the Submit button.

7 – Now click the Start My Archive button.

8 – Next, click the Okay button to confirm.


9 – When you receive confirmation email, return to the “Download Your Information” page, and click the Download Archive button.

10 – Confirm your Facebook password again, and click the Submit button.

11 – All done.

After performing all the above steps, you’ll get a zip file containing all your Facebook data. Simply unzip it using a file extraction software such as WinRar to get all the content.

Once the file is unzipped, double-click the index.htm file to see your information. Data might be categorized in photos, videos and messages folders.


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