Adobe Flash Player 18 Offline Installers for PC Windows 10 & Mac

Adobe develops world’s best flash player software to make all sorts of video formats compatible with your PC. It’s latest and greatest offering is Adobe Flash Player 18 Offline Installer which is still in its beta version phase but has been made available for downloading and testing under the code-name Presidio. This new update combines bug repairs and performance improvements associated with stability and compatibility.

Beta versions of Flash Player warrant manual download and installation, which is necessary in order to testing and spotting bugs. On the other hand, full version of Flash Player on PC is installed spontaneously and receives regular updates automatically, which is not the case in beta versions. Latest full flash player version currently in the market is Adobe Flash Player 17 Offline Installer loaded with VideoTexture support, it can be downloaded directly for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Firefox, Chrome OS X, Windows 32-bit, and Mac 32-bit.

However, for more advanced and better experience than is being offered by Flash Player 17, you must try the latest beta version of Flash Player 18 before it’s full version is launched. Let’s take a look at some of the main features of the latest Flash Player 18.

Main Features of Flash Players 18:

1 – With latest improvements in installation process, there will be no need to shutdown open browsers at the time of installing Flash Player 18.

2 – Now you can zoom in and out of videos in the browser thanks to the updated PPAPI plugin together with latest non-Win 8x ActiveX features.

3 – Android developers can now use new VideoTexture technology that makes it easy to write codes for faster videos.

4 – NPAPI inside Flash Player 18 is loaded with audio APIs making resulting sound more crisp.

Bug Fixes in Flash Player 18:

Following the customer feedback regarding the pitfalls of Flash Player 17, Adobe has taken into consideration the glitches and has addressed them in its Adobe Flash 18 beta version for testing purposes. Below are the issues that have been taken care of in Flash Player 18:

1 – JWPlayer videos don’t hang anymore in Firefox on windows 8.1.

2 – Keystroke accuracy has been improved, there are no missed keystorkes when inserting the instructions in languages Canji, New Quick and Phonetic.

3 – There are no more hanging or delaying of video uploading in Safari browser.

4 – In Flash Player 17, some Nellymoser streams ran faster than usual because of bad coding. This is no longer the case in Flash Player 18.

Download Adobe Flash Player 18 Offline Installers:

Note that Flash Player 18 offline installers do not work with Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 on Internet Explorer, on these windows version flash player comes automatically with Windows updates. However, Flash Player Installers can be used with third-party browsers such as Firefox and Chrome even on Windows 8 and 8.1. Below are the links that will assist you in directly downloaded enhanced and improved Flash Player 18 on your system running on Windows 10 & Mac OS X in just a few clicks.

Download Flash Player 18 (Internet Explorer)

Download Flash Player 18 (Firefox)

Download Flash Player 18 (Chrome)

Download Flash Player 18 (Chrome OS X)

Download Flash Player 18 (Safari & Firefox OS X)

Download Flash Player 18 (Mac 32-bit)

Download Flash Player 18 (Windows 32-bit)

To refer to all the latest changes and improvements incorporated in Flash Player 18 and Adobe AIR 18, see these Release Notes.

Now, if you’re not pleased with the way Flash Player 18 works or having difficulties to get it working properly then install it by using our uninstall guide given below:

Uninstall Flash Player 18:

These instructions work on both Windows and Mac PCs and laptops.

1 – Download Flash Player Beta uninstaller (Windows 10 / Mac OS X)

2 – Open download folder

3 – Go to the Flash Player Beta uninstaller file and click on its icon, just follow on-screen instruction to remove the software from your PC.

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