RoverCraft Race Your Space Car for PC Download – (Windows & MAC)

You must have played many car racing games, here comes one of its kind racing game RoverCraft Race Your Space Car by Mobirate Ltd that lets you race in a spacecraft. This game is world’s most popular car crafting runner with millions of downloads on Android mobile platform. Here we have a guide that you assist you in download and installing RoverCraft Race Your Space Car for PC on Windows and MAC desktop PC, laptop and tablets. RoverCraft come with immersive graphics and interesting gameplay and it gets even better when you play RoverCraft Race Your Space Car for Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, XP and Mac OS X / macOS Sierra desktop/laptop with larger display screen and mouse and keyboard to control your vehicle and easy navigation.


RoverCraft Race Your Space Car for PC Windows & MAC is a free download game in which you race on treacherous, hilly roads of a distant planet. Driver your spacecraft as fast as you can to cross the finish line on time while collecting coins, bonuses, upgrades and boosts along the way. Design your own vehicle using spare parts, engines, brakes, color and more options.

There are three playing modes in RoverCraft Race Your Space Car para PC: in Planets mode you drive on distant planets and try to conquer its rocky terrains in record time; second mode is the Challenges mode in which you can play and race one-on-one online or offline by choosing your challenger and in the Tournament mode, which is the most difficult but also most rewarding mode, race to win online tournaments for rewards and upgrades.

Discover amazing secrets of distant planets while racing on its various tracks in RoverCraft Race Your Space Car for PC. You can upgrade your Spacecraft into a Space Truck which is perfect for racing and driving on uneven roads. Pick what engine, turbo, wheels, and reactors you want to equip your vehicle with. Also, unlock jet-engines, super-wheels and reactor to quickly win races and to climb steep mountains.

Keep an eye on fuel level, driving over sharp object as it can result in a puncture which can slow you down or the wheel may come off if you push your vehicle over the limit. Also, make sure your space suit doesn’t come in contact with anything that may cause it to tear.


– 14 different planets from the galaxy to race on (more to come soon), Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, PSO318, Charon, Uranus, Neptune, Cyber931, Pandora, Polaris, Steamcraft, Enceladus, Comet.
– Endless items to add to your space car
– Earn collectibles and achievement to win trophies !
– 3 different modes, Challenges, Planets and Tournaments
– Multiplayer mode
– Stunning HD graphics from all the planets
– Advanced realistic physics engine

Download and Install RoverCraft Race Your Space Car for PC Windows and MAC:

1 – Download RoverCraft Race Your Space Car APK here and save it on PC.

2 – Download and install latest BlueStacks Android app player on PC.

BlueStacks | BlueStacks Offline Installer | Rooted BlueStacks 2

3 – Open BlueStacks emulator tool on PC.

4 – Click on the downloaded APK file to install the app on BlueStacks.

5 – Or login on BlueStacks with Google Play Store ID. Find the app via Search and install it from built-in Google Play Store.

6 – Wait for the installation to complete.

7 – Return to the main tab on BlueStacks. Click on the app icon and follow on-screen instructions as prompted to setup the app on PC.

8 – All done.

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