TextExpander for Windows 10 – Download Multipurpose Typing & Texting App

TextExpander for Windows 10 is the best text typing app you can get on your PC and laptop. Its intelligent design helps users turn even the simplest writing into a professional looking one. This Windows 10 app enables users to write lengthy articles, pieces, work projects, documentation in shortest possible time with its advanced option set. If English is not your first language or your command over the language is not strong enough then with this typing and texting app you can write like English language expert with all grammar rules and punctuation as well as non-repetitive sentence structure. You can set shortcuts for writing frequent words and phrases to finish the writing job quickly in TextExpanderIf you want to finish lengthy writing jobs on time then this best typing shortcut tool is perfect for you.


TextExpander for PC is packed with all the feature that are needed to carry out professional typing, editing and texting tasks. No matter how complex your writing job is, this app will make it considerably easier and less time consuming. This app is number one choice of millions around the world, if you haven’t already downloaded it yet then do so now to increase your productivity.

Main Features of TextExpander:

TextExpander app is best for those who work in team environment at work, you can share updated typing drafts quickly with group members to accomplish tasks. With state of the art snippet feature you can assign shortcut keys to frequently used abbreviations in a document which saves you time.

Automatically insert dates, deadlines notices, invoices, time in different formats into your text files so that you don’t have to manually enter them again and again. You can look for new snippets, phrases, words using the search function. There is clipboard support in this software which allows you to add relevant images and objects in text files to give them an authentic look.

Download TextExpander and use different text, image and snippet formats. Create custom forms with snippets, add clipboard content in snippets and print them for sharing with group members in work environment. The app supports multiple languages. Spelling check ensures no grammatical mistakes happen in the typing process.

Snippets created in this app can be used/transferred on other apps for further editing or within TextExpander you can convert snippets from a few lines to an entire paragraph. Set reminders for snippets and suggestions while typing.

Programmers can use code templates to write scripts, sling codes, HTML and CSS without seeking editor help, all is handled automatically by templates. Quickly solve queries by sending live messages from within the app during work project.

Download and Install TextExpander for Windows 10:

TextExpander is free for download on Windows & Mac Pc/laptops. You can save a lot of time typing lengthy program codes or undertaking time consuming typing tasks at home or work. Click on the link below for downloading the app for free. Run the installer file and follow on-screen instructions to install this user-friendly typing app.

Download TextExpander for Windows 10: Link

Make your typing task easier and save time on creating complex work documents with this text editor app. The app doesn’t lack in quality features or functions. So, go ahead and transform your typing experience on PC forever.

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