Top GameCube ROMS of all Time.

Even though the GameCube is over 15 years old, looking back at this list of the finest GameCube games brings us joy. Nintendo’s cryptic fourth home system not only marked the start of the company’s flirtation with the bizarre, but it also provided some of the purest gaming experiences ever. While it was neither as widespread nor as influential as Sony’s PS2 Or just Microsoft’s Xbox, Nintendo’s bizarre casket (complete with passive handles and miniature discs) has a unique and diverse first-party title catalog.

We hope that Nintendo can bring the classic GameCube title to switch using the new version of Virtual Console. Super Mario Sunshine (Super Smash Bros) and the latest (Luigi’s Mansion), and. They are all testing, but now you can comfort yourself with the ability to play Switch games using the GameCube controller.

The GameCube hosted some of the top items in the Zelda, Metroid, and Resident Evil franchises, which didn’t have the most games but never lost quality while at the same time offering unique, completely original content. I am. It’s time to celebrate the 25 best GameCube ROMS ever made.

Game Cube ROMS

  1. Super Mario Strikers

Mario and his good friends have always dominated sports such as tennis, golf, basketball, and baseball over the years in a spirit of friendly competition. When the players of the Mushroom Kingdom enter the football arena, the situation has changed because of competition with unprecedented intensity and aggression. Of course, it’s odd to see

Mario clench this, and of course, it’s odd to stab him brutally against a peach-electric wall. Under its rigid shape, the strike was excellent on Mario’s other sports albums, but the fun gameplay blends well with the tradition of the series, Inclusive Games. If you want to mix random violence and football, this was the best choice for Cube.

  1. Skies of Arcadia Legends

Eternal Arcadia reigns supreme as one of the best Dreamcast RPGs. As they battle the evil Varuan Empire, you will instantly fall in love with Vyse and his BlueRogues. Sega, unfortunately, decided to port this excellent first-party RPG to the GameCube after the Dreamcast failed and renamed it Eternal Arcadia Legend Sky. The

Grand Dungeon Battle is intact, with the discovery system still working (more discoveries are going on now!) and the combat system being mutilated almost untouched. Legends are the same game that the owners of the Dreamcast loved, but with a few minor new elements and a new coat of paint. RPG lovers who missed Eternal Arcadia in the first place have no more excuses to pass this port.

  1. Beyond Good and Evil

Frank West can play sand pounds. Jade is an ingenious photojournalist in the game field, and her work is much better. Beyond good and evil has reached a cult position among gamers, so that the recently announced sequel has become the most talked-about news that came out at E3 2017.

Everything about the game shines through sentences, letters, stories, graphics. This fantastic package only hopes that rumors for us already show the Jajahan sequel itself. We are tired of waiting, Ubisoft. Would you please give me Jade?

  1. Fire Emblem (Path of Radiance)

The Fire Emblem series is probably the longest-lasting Nintendo franchise with turn-based RPGs since the Japanese version of NES, the Famicom. In the United States, it never seemed to come, but thanks to the popularity of the Fire Emblem characters that appeared in Smash Bros., it was an opportunity internationally. And even though many US GameCube owners aren’t excited, it provides Western gamers exactly what Japanese fans have loved for years. With a

Grid map and minor characters, the turn-based concrete action wasn’t awe-inspiring at the time. Fortunately, traditional strategy games were always addictive, so they didn’t have to. It’s nice to see Nintendo games that don’t readily accept great difficulty and permanent teammate death players. Those who care about finding it will never forget it.


In conclusion, if you love old-school classic video games, then super Mario strikers are the best ROM for you. However, if you are into the new release, you can go with Fire Emblem (path of radiance)


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