5 Top Rated Apps for Hacking Someone’s Gmail.

Gmail is one of the major email service providers sending over 1 billion emails per day. Hence, Google spends a lot on its platform’s security to protect it from hacks and attacks.

Well, It is possible to hack someone’s Gmail account with the help of some software. Also, it does not require any hacking skills for anyone. Today, we will introduce 5 top-rated apps, such as Spyine, to solve the problem “how to hack someone’s Gmail”.

5 Best Gmail Hacking Apps

These apps will not only help you hack someone’s Gmail but also allow you to check all the installed applications in their device. Let’s start with the first and recommended application for this process.



Spyine is one of the most effective mobile monitoring solution providers helping millions of its users.

Every expert recommends using this application as it comes with advanced features with zero security threats. For security reasons, they never ask you to jailbreak or root any device to use the application.

It is recognized from some major magazines including Forbes and The New York Times. The simple and easy to use interface will help you get the work done without taking any time.

If you are looking for an app just to hack Gmail, then join millions of users who like Spyine’s app and start spying on others.

So what are the exact steps of hacking Gmail with Spyine?

Getting into someone’s Gmail with Spyine takes less than a minute. You just need to create an account on their website and verify the targeted phone with your account. You can verify an android device by secretly installing the Spyine application in their device.

Spyine 2

While for the iPhone, you need to verify their account by entering their iCloud username and password in your Spyine account.

After verifying their account, you need to click on keylogger where you can check all the saved passwords of their device. Just look for the Gmail password and get all the information you want within seconds.

If you are wondering what a keylogger is, then worry not. It is a feature that records all the typed messages and passwords of the targeted device.



Neatspy is undoubtedly one of the best applications to spy on someone’s Gmail without letting them know. It comes with an exclusive feature to monitor Gmail activities of the targeted device. Although Neatspy has not been around for a long time, it still is the choice of a lot of users.

Neatspy follows the same concept as of Spyine and does not require you to jailbreak the targeted device. You can simply install it on their phone and let it do the rest for you.

They also provide a step by step guide for beginners to learn how to use and optimize this application’s benefits.

Here are some features of Neatspy:

Keylogger: It will help you retrieve the passwords of their online accounts so that you can spy them whenever you want. You can also sort out of the messages based on the application where they were written.

Stealth Mode: This mode allows you to get access to their data without getting caught. It will protect your identity from the phone owner.


Click Free

Another amazing phone monitoring solution to get access to someone’s Gmail without having any technical knowledge. It is popular because it offers a faster sync rate to its users after verifying the account with them.

It means that you can expect it to upload their data on your account faster than other applications. ClickFree offers transparency in its process and offers you private keys to ensure that you are the only one to access the data.

This feature helps users to spy on anyone while making sure that they are not being monitored by someone else. Other features are:

Remote Access: This application lets you monitor any device remotely. You do not need to touch their phone after verifying it with your account. Just single on any feature and you will get access to that application of their device.

Better Sync: It gives you an additional benefit of a faster sync process than many other applications.


Minspy is similar to Spyine in features and benefits. It is a platform that allows you to spy on anyone by just installing it on their device. The user interface of the website is organized which makes it easier to understand even for a beginner.

You can trust this application as it is one of the first few applications that introduced spying with spyware. It allows you to monitor their location with their GPS. Additionally, you can use the SIM tracking option, in case their GPS is not working. More features are like:

Keylogging: Using keylogging is the best method to get into someone’s Gmail account. This application offers you an advanced version of keylogging that can filter out passwords and messages based on the complexity of their characters.

Stealth Mode: It works great in Stealth mode protecting your identity from potential hacks.


Spyic, popularly known as the best parental control application for your kids. It allows you to get access to anyone’s device and all their activities including a Gmail account. You can expect it to retrieve the Gmail password without letting them know about it.

It takes some additional steps to ensure the data privacy of both (user and targeted device) from third-party applications. Some features are as following:

No Jailbreak Required: It does not need a rooted or jailbreak device to work properly. You can install it in any device to retrieve its data.

Easy Interface: Spyic is one of the easiest spying applications that provides clear instructions on how to efficiently use it.

Final Words

No one would have thought that hacking a Gmail account would become that easy. The applications that we have covered in this article are tested by us and millions of users.

These 5 top rated apps, such as Spyine, for hacking someone’s Gmail can work for other applications too. You can use them to spy on someone’s WhatsApp, location, call logs, etc.



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