10 Best Windows 10 Wallpapers of the Week

Windows 10 has much improved graphics and display compared to previous Windows operating systems. To take advantage of this enhanced graphics quality of Microsoft’s latest operating system, you should have latest Full HD wallpapers that look sharp on Windows 10 powered desktops and laptops. Today, we are going to share 10 new wallpapers for Windows 10. You can download Windows 10 wallpapers free from below. You can download PC Windows 10 wallpapers either directly by clicking on the image or get it from the original source link shared alongside each Windows 10 wallpaper.

Windows 10 is designed with advanced codes that handle colors way better than older Windows OS. There is no need to customize UI settings or change contrast and color accent to make wallpapers look great because these wallpapers shown below are designed to automatically fit any Windows 10 device display in native contrast and color patterns for best effects. We have compiled a list of 10 awesome wallpapers that pair perfectly with Windows 10. You can choose to set these wallpapers in default OS accent color or manually set custom color to suit your requirement.

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1 – Low Poly Mountain by PlebMaster


2 – Yosmite by amdpastrana


3 – Waterfall in the Valley by amdpastrana


4 – Cool Cat: Genius by ToValhalla


5 – Planets: Flat Design by Beijing54


6 – Kermit De Frog Here Wallpaper by Llama Moofin




8 – living on the edge by baspunk


9 – Vector Island: Space adventure by D0wnload


10 – Lightyears by teddybearcholla


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