8 Educational Windows Apps Great for Teachers.

Being a teacher in today’s modern world is challenging because students are well-versed with technology. You have to find exciting ways to incorporate it into learning. Unlike a few decades ago, current students have access to all sorts of devices, technology, and the internet.

Knowing that a student is concentrating and grasping concepts in class is a great satisfaction for any teacher. There are certain apps that you can incorporate when teaching to help keep the students engaged, entertained, and help you schedule your classes effectively. Here are some of the apps that will make your teaching life more manageable.

  1. OneNote

You do not have to write your ideas in several notebooks and store them at different places. You can use OneNote to get and organize information across all your devices. It also allows you to monitor all notes written during classes or meetings and enables you to insert various educational clips from the internet to your notes.

  1. Kahoot! Create

Gone are the days where classes had to be boring. Installing Kahoot! Create to your device allows you to make and host fun learning games for all subjects, and for students of any age. The best thing is that you can do all these for free. Write my homework experts advise teachers to incorporate exciting games into lessons because they bring fun to the classroom and make learning enjoyable.

You will most likely have your students’ attention if they relate to what you are teaching. If students concentrate in class, learning, and retaining concepts becomes more straightforward for them.

  1. CamScanner

Preparing for classes involves a lot of work. It would help if you researched in advance to find learning materials and examples that your students can relate to. Camscanner enables you to scan, store, and sync an array of information on your iPads, computers, smartphones, and tablets.

8 Educational Windows Apps Great for Teachers

If you find a piece of information that you think will be relevant to your lessons, using CamScanner will help you scan and store them. You can access the data whenever you are ready to use it.

  1. GeoGebra Classic

If your students are having trouble understanding various math concepts, then GeoGebra Classic might help. The app is a free mathematics software that is useful for all levels of education. It contains spreadsheets, algebra, calculus, statistics, and graphing in one package.

You can use interactive learning resources to gauge your students’ understanding of the various concepts taught.

  1. Socrative

As a teacher, you need to know whether students understand the various concepts that you teach them. Using the Socrative App allows you to initiate assessments through quick question polls and quizzes. As soon as students finish the assessments or quizzes, the app will grade and provide informative graphs to analyze the students’ answers and opinions.

Based on the feedback received from the polls and quizzes, you will know which areas to focus on during your upcoming lessons.

  1. Sway

Creating presentations, documents, and newsletters is part of a teacher’s job. Using Sway allows you to create exciting content within a short time. Additionally, you can add photos, multimedia, and videos to make your presentation or document more appealing. You can integrate the app with all your devices and social media accounts.

  1. Edmodo

Interacting with your students should not end when you walk out of the classroom. While boundaries need to exist, they need to know that they can talk to you when faced with difficult situations. Edmodo provides a free and safe place to enable you to interact with your students anytime and everywhere.

If students need clarification on an assignment, they can find you on Edmodo. If you need to communicate additional instructions about an assignment, you can do so on the app. However, it is vital to have a defined working time when using the app so that you don’t spend too much time.

  1. Doceri

You don’t always have to stand in front of a classroom while teaching. While you may think that students understand lessons better when you do this, they can still understand when you explain from anywhere within the classroom.

8 Educational Windows Apps Great for Teachers 2

The app combines an interactive whiteboard with various desktop controls. This combination allows you to teach from your preferred location in the classroom. Additionally, the app will enable you to create lessons or presentations, insert the images that please you, and edit various projects.

You do not have to use conventional teaching styles to educate your students. Technological advances allow you to use interactive apps to ensure that your students grasp a variety of concepts.


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