How To Get Windows 10 Mobile Preview Builds

Ever since the launch of Windows 10 Microsoft has decided to integrate users into its development program for future product releases. It is evident from the steps that Microsoft is taking that it wants people to feel part of the product development and improvement process, one such step is Insider Program with slow and fast rings. User feedback that is collected via Insider Program rings is then used to customize Microsoft products and services according end-user needs. Upon joining slow or fast ring you become the member of the Insider program community that allows you to interact with other member for sharing opinions, solutions, joining forums for helping each other solving problems and all the latest news about Windows 10 Mobile Insider preview & PC Builds. Latest Windows Phones come with Windows 10 but those using older Windows phones on Windows 8/8.1 version can also upgrade to latest Windows 10 and instantly get all the latest mobile preview builds launched by Microsoft.

We discussed latest Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build in depth on our website earlier this month. You can alternate between both slow and fast ring programs according to your preferences. Now you can get all the latest updates of Insider Preview builds right on your Windows 10 phones. Slow rings members only get the most stable version of the Builds released by Microsoft while other who want to get to know about all latest releases then join Fast rings community. Method below will show you how to get Windows 10 Fast Rings on your phones. Note that only those Windows phones are compatible with Windows 10 Mobile OS whose name doesn’t end with double-zeros such as Lumia 800, Lumia 900 and the like.

How to get Windows 10 Mobile Preview Builds on Windows Phones:

1 – Click on the link here to join Microsoft’s Mobile Insider Program.

2 – Now click on Get Started button and sign in with your existing windows email account to join or create a new insider account to log in.

3 – Go to Windows Store on your Windows Phone for downloading MS Insider app and install it on the phone.

4 – Open the Insider app on the phone and log in using the same Windows account as in step 2.

5 – Select Fast or Slow rings depending on your liking. Fast Rings sends all Windows 10 Mobile builds immediately while Slow Rings only deliver tested & reliable Builds.

6 – Go to Settings > Phone Updates.

7 – There should be latest Windows 10 Mobile Build waiting to be installed or updated.

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