Best Practices in Content Writing.

Every marketer wishes to publish amazing content that can generate traffic, earn links, boost leads, and get widespread social media shares. Such content can only contribute to their brand visibility which ultimately boosts their sales and revenue streams.

However, writing any content and posting cannot generate all that you need to become successful, especially online. It has to have quality. According to Demand Metrics reports, quality content marketing can drive conversions up to six times the standard marketing rate.

Content Writing practices

But most people do not qualify as expert content editors or writers but still go-ahead to post their content. If you do this and have disastrous outcomes, consider the following guidelines. Even if you are a student who is planning to be involved in content writing and waste your time on it ask US Essays Writers for help with writing a paper.

Best Practices in Content Writing

Quality content has to appeal to your target audience and become simple to consume. Further, it has to become something search engines such as Google can easily find. So adhere to these guidelines to realize the success you desperately want with your content.

  • Develop buyer identities. A buyer identity entails the profile of what your model customer represents. The Boardview further stipulates that businesses that exceed their revenue goals likely (four times) use personas in their strategies to drive their demand. It becomes crucial to therefore think of your intended audience when you write content.
  • Use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Your content markets itself, and therefore it has to be clean and well-written to demonstrate your capacity to do excellent work. The converse also holds for sloppy content where you get portrayed as careless.
  • Incorporate attribution and stats. It becomes essential to include the correct and verifiable stats from reliable sources to support your points. Additionally, try and cite your primary sources, which yield quotes, data, and the initial thought.
  • Go long. If you want your content to perform well, then go long. It will earn extra backlinks besides getting more shares on social media. The fact also gets supported by the study completed by Baklinko, which looked into the association between Google ranking and word count. It found that the average top results feature a word count of 1890 words.
  • Become aware of your formatting. It proves important to break your work up as plenty of people tend to skim through content instead of reading the entire article. Use subheadings besides bulleted lists to classify your work into digestible segments.
  • Leverage keywords. Phrases and words that echo your audiences’ needs represent keywords. It is what search engines look for while scouring the web for related content. So could you include them in your content?
  • Link appropriately. Links usually send Google signals about your content’s relevance and reputation besides demonstrating your association with the other site and content. Whenever you want to link to offsite sites, ensure the websites prove reputable.
  • Include images. It becomes crucial to incorporate relevant images to back your content besides making it more appealing. You can accomplish this by using images.
  • Write a captivating headline. Ensure you write a headline that contains specific keywords, has a compelling aspect to it, besides having the keywords among the initial 65-70 words.
  • Avoid becoming too promotional.


Content writing can become a lucrative venture, especially if you understand the trade. So it could help if you considered the best practices in content writing as discussed.


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