Windows 10 Tips & Tricks

Microsoft has finally rolled out full version of Windows 10 and is already being downloaded or has been installed by millions of users around the world. Those users who were using versions of Windows prior to Windows 8.1 got a free upgrade to Windows 10 option from Microsoft in August but come next year all users must upgrade to Microsoft’s latest operating system as it attempts to bring all users on a single platform and end support for older versions of the Windows. So, if you have not upgraded to Windows 10 yet, we recommend that you should at earliest because it’s the best Windows OS released to date. Most users ponder after upgrading to the new operating system about how to operate and access various options on the new OS. First thing many users do when installing a new OS is to customize it according to their taste. Therefore, here in this article we will tell you some hidden Windows 10 Tips & Tricks that will enable you to organize your system the way you want. Let’s get started without further ado.

Dapper Desktop:

In Windows 10 you can customize almost everything and one major improvement is the wide array of option available to customize desktop screen more than in any previous iteration of Microsoft’s Windows platform. Go to Start > Settings > Personalization > Colors and under Choose a Color you get these options; automatically use background colors for tiles, show color on start, task, action and title bar or choose to make start menu and task bar transparent if you want.

Windows Update:

Head to Start > Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update to manage Windows 10 updates and select how to receive them in future. In advanced option you can pick Notify to Schedule Restart so that Windows notifies you every time restart is needed after installing updates. This saves you from getting assaulted by regular Windows 10 updates.

Privacy Settings:

At the time of installing Windows 10, we recommend that you select Custom Install to adjust privacy settings yourself rather than allowing Windows to automatically do it for you which could compromise your sensitive information and data stored on the PC and share it with Microsoft. Although, you can change Privacy Settings in Windows 10 later on in Settings but it’s better to control things from the beginning.

PDF Files:

You can now save your documents as PDF without needing any outside software in Windows 10. Microsoft instilled this feature after popular public demand as it makes printing and sharing secured documents hassle free.

File Explorer and Quick Access:

There is a folder icon right next to the search box on the desktop, when you click it a new Windows opens that contains an overview of your entire system folders and files in them. First option that you will see on the top left side of the Window is the new Quick Access. Under it you will see a list of all recently accessed folders and main system folders, you can easily switch between those folders. Copying and moving files takes just a few clicks and saves lots of time. Quick Access opens by default when you open File Explorer, however, you can change it to This PC option by going to View > Options > Open File Explorer and selecting This PC.


Go to Start > Settings > System > Battery Saver and turn on Battery Saver option if you are using Windows 10 laptops and tablets. It automatically closes unnecessary applications, programs and disables notifications when the battery is low to maximize battery usage.

Start Menu:

Start Menu has seen a major improvement in Windows 10. Now all your important apps and folders can be aligned in one place. You can move, resize, change or delete tiles on Start Menu by right clicking on them and choose the desired option from the drop-down menu. If you don’t want any app or tile on the Start Menu, simply right-click on it and select uninstall or unpin option from pop-up menu. By turning live tiles option on you can view snapshot of what’s that tile is all about, Weather tile shows you most recent weather condition and forecast, news tile shows most recent headlines.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Here is the list of useful shortcuts that will enable you to get the job done quickly.

Windows Key + Tab (Open Task View)

Windows Key + Right + Up (Move App Upper Right Corner)

Windows Key + Ctrl + C (Opens Cortana)

Windows Key + Ctrl + Up/Down (Move App Up and Down the Screen)

Windows Key + S (Gives Snapshot of latest News and Weather information)

Record Videos:

Press Windows Key + G and hit Yes, this is a game box to record apps or games using Game DVR functionality.

Offline Maps:

Windows 10 let’s you use maps even without internet connection. Go to Start > Settings > Download/Update Map and choose country to see the map.

OneDrive and Xbox One:

In Windows 10 your OneDrive and Xbox One accounts are integrated by default. You can access and share picture from OneDrive on PC, or upload them on OneDrive automatically by linking your OneDriving account with Smartphone or tablet. You can now watch live game streaming with Xbox One streaming option in Window 1o. In Xbox One go to Settings > Preferences and turn Game Streaming option on.


By going to Start > Settings > System > Notifications & Actions you can turn Windows tips, apps, lock screen and alarm & reminder notifications on and off. You can also pick which application’s notification you want to see from the list.

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