Disclosed! Hidden Mac Features You Probably Had No Idea About.

Mac OS has numerous unique and hidden features. If you’re a pro-Mac user, you indeed have stumbled upon one or two hidden Mac features. But are you entirely aware of all the others? Maybe not!

It doesn’t surprise that Mac users are unaware of these secret features even after several years of Mac OS X usage. Now that you’re scratching your head and wondering about the hidden features you’ve missed upon, worry not! It’s never too late, as the article below talks about some of the practical yet less known Mac features that are pretty sure to blow your mind away!

Let’s get going!

  • Combine window apps into tabs

When you open multiple browser tabs, macOS helps you arrange the other app windows at your convenience. This feature, however, is suitable for only specific programs, including all Apple-developed applications like Apple Maps. Choose Window from the page-top bar in an app that supports tabs. Now click on Merge all Windows for bringing several windows together in a series of tabs.

  • Free up hard drive space

Are you running low on hard drive space? Know that macOS can be your aid!

All you’ve to do is click on the Apple menu present on the screen top and choose “About This Mac.” Open the Storage tab and click on Manage after a new window opens. Select Optimize to automatically get rid of cloud-based files like movies, TV shows, iTunes library, email attachments, and others.

Optimization is important because many users wonder how to delete mass duplicates in iTunes. If deleting copies is on your mind, then you might either want to delete these manually or take some necessary steps that a Duplicate Finder App suggests you. The second option seems the best since it quickly scans your hard drives or a selected folder like iTunes Library or Photos app.

Hidden Mac Features

After the scan completes, you can review the results and choose the copies you wish to delete by merely clicking a Smart Cleanup button. If you prefer manual control, on the other hand, pick the Review Files for checking out the most extensive system files and decide if you want to get rid of these or not.

  • Insert an Apple Logo:

You’re an Apple user, and you’re proud of it. You want to show off your expensive possession. Well, you can do that by sending them an Apple logo while texting. But, the real question is how do you do that?

Your emoji list doesn’t show an Apple logo in the list. You’ve seen people doing so in their articles, comments, social media posts, and tweets. Can’t wait to send your folks some Apple icons? Well, all you’ve to do is bring the cursor to the location you wish to enter the Apple logo and type Shift⌥Option+K. You’ll see the Apple logo in no time.

  • Windows Switcher:

Do you find it challenging to find a particular window or switch between different windows when you have multiple windows open? Not anymore because you can use a ⌘command+tab for opening a windows switcher. Note that this is just like any other app switcher on your iPhone for navigating to a separate window on your Mac or to switch between different open windows.

The Bottom Line

Several other hidden Mac features are Paste and Match Style, duplicate files opening, deleting apps in the LaunchPad, Preventing Others from Installing Apps, etc. And, that covers almost everything about hidden Mac features that not many people are aware of.

Has the article missed upon some cool yet hidden Mac features? Share those in the comments section!


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