Fishdom Deep Dive for PC (Windows & Mac)

Fishdom Deep Dive is match-three puzzle game but with a twist. It is not all about matching similar items to clear the level. Here solving puzzles is just a tiny part of the bigger objective which is to help you build your own underwater world full of jolly and colorful fish types. Android users can download the game for free from Google Play, however, do keep in mind that in-game purchases will cost you money if you fail to collect enough gold from solving puzzles in the game. This graphically immersive game can now be played on PC Windows and Mac computers as well with BlueStacks or latest BlueStacks 2 Android app player. With Fishdom Deep Dive for PC you can now play this game on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 & Mac OS X loaded desktops/laptops.


Building your own underwater world will only be possible if you can solve match-three puzzles quickly by joining at least three same type of fish within limited number of moves to unlock an item required for constructing a new world for fish in Fishdom Deep Dive for PC Windows & Mac. If you manage to match more than three fish types at a time then a super combo will be released, you will clear the level quickly and more expensive item will be unlocked on the spot. Create homes for fish with items unlocked or purchased in the game, design the best underwater world and share it with friends in online mode to top the leaderboard. You will enjoy 3D graphics of the game even more with Fishdom Deep Dive for Windows & Mac.

How to download and install Fishdom Deep Dive for PC:

1 – First download and install BlueStacks android emulator here. For Rooted BlueStacks click here.

2 – After completing the setup, go to BlueStacks home screen and type Fishdom Deep Dive in the search box. 

3 – Click the game icon from the search result window to go to the Google Play game page inside BlueStacks.

4 – Next click install as can be seen in the image below.


5 – If you can’t find the app on BlueStacks then download Fishdom Deep Dive Apk here for installing the game on BlueStacks. Click the downloaded apk file for installation.

6 – Go back to BlueStacks home screen and select all apps in the top row. Find the game in all installed apps list and click on it to open it.

7 – New puzzle game is all set for you to play on PC through BlueStacks. Have fun!

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