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Orborous is the action mobile game from Simplicial Software, LLC. The game is heavily inspired by runaway smash hit game Slither.io in which your job is to navigate your snake in space to collect small dots and at the same time avoiding clashing with snakes of other players until yours get so big that it becomes indestructible. Android mobile users can download Orborous for free from Google Play Store, but if you have been looking for ways to play it on PC Windows & Mac then you have come to the right place. In this post i am going to explain a simple workaround which will allow you to play Orborous for PC on PC/laptops loaded with Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X via third-party emulator software. But let’s first see some of the game’s main features to get the better understanding of the gameplay.


Orborous for Computer is set in space settings, slither your snake in space to collect colored dots that contain energy and bonus. Be quick in collecting dots because snakes of other players are also going after same dots. Avoid smashing into other snakes, look for empty space for slithering around to eat dots. If other snakes hit you then you can entrap them and eat them to gain more energy for quick growth and bonus points. Avoid head on collision with other snakes otherwise your game will be over and level will have to replayed. Survive for longest possible time period in any given level to advance to the next one with bonus points and rewards such as colorful snake skins and more strength in Orborous for Windows 10 & Mac.

In multiplayer mode play against other players and attempt to disqualify them by hitting them hard and eating all dots before them. Once you snake become biggest in the level there will be no stopping you. You can slither around without worry about being eaten or colliding with obstacles. There is also a little trade off that you must consider before starting any level, some levels will require quick movement so you will have to compromise on length of the snake making, it might make your snake more vulnerable as prey. Or you can compromise pace for strength and length, it will make the snake indestructible but the ability to quickly turn around to eat dots will be lost.

How to download and install Orborous for PC Windows & Mac:

1 – Download BlueStacks emulator from links below.  

BlueStacks | BlueStacks Offline Installer

2 – Complete BlueStacks for Windows 10/Mac setup by following on-screen instructions and login with Google Play ID to access Android games and apps on BlueStacks.

3 – Open BlueStacks and type Orborous in the search box on home screen.

4 – Click on the game icon from search result list to open app’s Google Play page inside BlueStacks for PC and hit the install button to begin game installation.

5 – If you couldn’t find the game on BlueStacks then download Orborous Apk here.

6 – Double-click the downloaded apk file from the location where you saved it on PC to install the game on BlueStacks.

7 – Now click ‘All Apps’ icon on BlueStacks home screen and find the game in the list. Click app’s icon to open the game.

8 – All done. Now slither snake mobile game on PC/laptop via BlueStacks.

You can play the game on both touchscreen and normal display devices, change controller options accordingly from BlueStacks settings menu. Now live stream game-play to the world on BlueStacks TV option. If BlueStacks isn’t working on your PC then download new Remix OS 2.0 here to play Android apps on PC/laptops.

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