Recover Lost Files with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

Free data recovery software is known to be a very effective and necessary tool which can successfully be utilised to retrieve the deleted or lost data. Most of the data recovery software are available on the internet for absolutely free. You are just required, and you will be given with a lot of options of such software.

This type of software can restore any deleted or lost data back to their original state from the FAT32, FAT or NTFS partitions. That apart, it also helps to store data while simultaneously keeping folder structure. The whole process is considered to be quite easy and less time consuming since it utilises familiar Explorer-like interface. The other thing is this software does not need you to install it since this is a type of stand-alone application.

In comparison with other similar software, EaseUS data recovery software has a higher success rate for various reasons, and more importantly, it’s easy to use.

With only three steps, lost data can be retrieved:

Step 1, Launch the software on another disk that the to be recovered data is not on and choose a disk to scan;

Recover Lost Files With EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free

 Step 2, Check the files that has been found by the software;

Recover Lost Files With EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free

Step 3, Choose the files to recover;

Recover Lost Files With EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free


  • Such software has several advantages to start off. First of all, if you accidentally delete some file or document, you can effectively bring it back to its original form using data recovery software. Just open one of such software, and it will do its work and restore your file or document. The method of recovering data is quite easy and efficient.
  • The use of such software saves you a lot of time and trouble. Suppose, you have accidentally deleted or lost an important file/document just before your exam, then you are at sea. In such circumstance, file recovery software is supposed to be your last resort. It makes your job easy and hassle-free. Always go for some decent data recovery software because it will help you recover the lost data in the quickest and best way. The software should be fast enough to save your valuable time.
  • There are some specific things that you need to consider before you look for data recovery software. First of all, you are required to review your need first. Find out what are your main requirements, and according to that, you need to find the data recovery software. There are different kinds of free data recovery software, and you need to use one as per your need.


You are always supposed to do some extensive online research about the usage along with pros and cons of using a data recovery software. This way you will be familiar with the method and process of using data recovery software. In case, you are not satisfied with the service of free data recovery software then you can purchase some authorized software for the best results. It all depends up to you that which software you decide to use. You can even go for hard drive recovery using the same method.


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