Samsung Kies for PC Windows 10 & Mac OS X

Samsung is the biggest smartphone maker in the world who manufactures large array of mobile and tablet devices and has millions of users across the world with varying needs and requirements. So, in order to streamline and facilitate proper management of smartphones’ data Samsung has launched Samsung Kies for users of Windows 10 & Mac PC. There is also another smaller version of the software called Samsung Kies Mini but it only works with handful of Samsung mobile phone models such as Vibrant, captive and Infuse and is also only available for Microsoft Windows user, those of you using Mac are out of luck in this regard, full Kies is available for both Windows Mac. Users of Samsung mobile devices running Android wishing to save all their data on desktops and laptops must have this software. It works similar to iTunes and BlackBerry Blend data synchronization software programs.

Downloading and Installing Samsung Kies and Samsung Kies Mini is simple, just continue reading to know how to do so.


Samsung Kies for PC Windows 10 & Mac OS X enables you to sync all your music, videos, contacts, calendars,  contacts on desktops and laptops running Windows 10 & Mac OS. Connect your Samsung device running Android to your PC via USB cable, Samsung Kies will automatically start detecting your device and also installs new updates upon connection. Since Samsung releases its mobile handsets quite regularly, it also releases regular Samsung Kies updates to keep it compatible with new phones. Firmware updates are constantly installed onto your phones and tablets by Kies data management tools.

Samsung Kies for PC allows you to sync Microsoft outlook content between PC and Sumsung mobile device. Software program comes in many versions; if your device is running on Android Jelly dean 4.3 and up then Kies 3 version is for you, Kies 2.6.314074_11 supports devices having Android v2.1 to v4.2. You can also connect your phone with PC on wireless network, just make sure you have Kies Wireless android app on your Samsung phone and Samsung Kies full version on your windows/Mac are running simultaneously. Using mobile 2G, 3G and 4G data for wireless syncing isn’t supported yet.



However, there are a few annoying flaws that we thought must be put in the attention of our readers. Samsung Kies, both full and mini versions, sometimes fail to detect phone or tablets, syncing get slow sometimes. In short, both Samsung Kies and Samsung Kies Mini are far from a finished products. Samsung needs to address these bugs in the software package. And users on the other hand would have to make do with what’s available at the moment and hope that Samsung clear the glitches sooner rather than later, until then there is no other option but to use Kies 3 and Kies Mini because in order to prevent your devices from getting regularly crashed its imperative that firmware and driver are kept up to date.

Download and Install Samsung Kies 3 and Kies Mini:

Samsung Kies 3 (Full version supporting all Samsung devices) | Samsung Kies Mini (supporting only Samsung Vibrant, Captive and Infuse devices)

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