Top 3 Video Editing Software for Windows 10

One of the most important considerations that weighs heavily on the decision when people opt to go with Windows PC over Mac is the range of video editing software packages that one can find on Windows platform. Internet is awash with software programs claiming to be the best in what they proclaim but upon testing many fail to leave their mark or fall short of promise in the most spectacular fashion, consequentially, tricking gullible people who end-up wasting time, resources and even money in some cases. In this post we intend to untangle this conundrum for you guys by presenting our two cents on what we think are top 3 video editing software packages every Windows 10 users must have or choose the one that best suits the requirement from the list after reading our review of each mentioned below.

There is a universal consensus about the main attributes that any quality video editing software should possess such as filters, ease of use, editing tools including aspect ration options and fast rendition to name the few. Here are the three best video editing tools for PC Windows 10 that get the job done efficiently and effectively for even non-professional users.

1 – Windows Movie Maker

Let’s start with Microsoft’s own offering, its native video editing and rendering software Windows Movie Maker that comes pre-installed on paid Pro versions of Windows 10, although, home editions of Windows 10 come with Windows Movie Maker but with restricted access, for complete set of features you might be asked to shed some bucks. Here we will highlight main aspects of Movie Maker but if you want to see detailed analysis before making any decision whether to go with it or not then check our in-depth Windows Movie Maker 12 review.

This video editing package is suitable for home users who want to edit their home videos before sharing them with friends and family or on social media. Windows Movie Maker 12 was first released in 2012 but it’s been constantly updated since then and now contains lot more features that define top video editing software these days. Windows users can download Windows Movie Maker for free [here], but mind it that it might have limited features, upgrade to paid version for more. Users of OS platforms would have to pay for downloading the package.


Windows Movie Maker gives you power to control the way you want video to look by using its easy to understand photo import feature that allows you to upload pictures with just a few clicks, transfer photos from any device and join them to create a movie. Or you can make home videos by using themes, frames, coloring, aspect ratio tools to lend your videos more professional look. You can also add soundtracks in videos for extra edge and style and share them on social network directly from the software interface.

2 – Filmora

Our second entry on this list is more powerful video editing tool as compared to Windows Movie Maker but it also puts more strain on system resources, so go with it only if you think your PC’s hardware can handle intensive processing and video rendering. Download Filmora on Windows 10 PC, check it out [here]. It has more professional look to it in terms of interface outlook and editing tools options, but that doesn’t mean non-expert video editors or normal PC users would find it hard to understand and operate its many options. Options are spread out in proper order for easy access and to expedite video editing process.


Filmora has both dark and light interfaces and state of the art text/title editor. Developers keep introducing new fun filled changes like new filters and special effects to the package with regular update to mark special occasion such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patricks Day, Earth Day, Christmas and Halloween among the many. Use overlays and filters to inject unique effects to your videos, with still and motion graphics video rendering becomes a joy, adding music to videos is just a few click away. Filmora’s frame by frame scrolling ensures that you attend to slightest details of the video for perfect outcome, control camera speed manually and finally share your hard work with others on social media.

3 –  Pinnacle VideoSpin

Coalesce pictures, videos and soundtracks and create movies that bear the stamp of your unique style. Pinnacle VideoSpin is best suited to beginners and casual home users for video editing as it is mainly targeted to that audience. If you are looking for some professional video editor that you can use to create lengthy 3D stuff then this one is not for you guys, maybe VidMate or Movie Maker would do the job for you in that case.


Interface of the program has been divided into three easily distinguishable sections; main editing window, tool options and preview sections. Open videos or import them from the location they are saved on your PC and add pictures and music into them for special effects. Use frames and colors themes for adding more effects. In the Timeline section you can see video broken down in sections for analyzing each element of the video before finalizing it. Apart from some missing features that you would come to expect from many video editing packages these days, Pinnacle VidoeSpin should be enough for basic casual home users who want to capture and save memorable moments and add some effects to them in order to make them appear flashy. It supports all popular video file formats. Download Pinnacle VideoSpin [here] and test your video direction skills.

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