Top 10 Windows 10 Wallpapers

Windows 10 is the latest OS from Microsoft and in just a few months has reached a milestone of 200 million installs globally. Aesthetically Windows 10 is being hailed as the best OS produced by Microsoft to date, moreover, occurrences of errors as well as glitches have come down sharply in the new Windows software. People are embracing this new OS largely due to the catastrophic launch of preceding Windows 8/Windows 8.1 operating systems. What most people look for after installing new OS is an attractive wallpaper to adorn their desktop screens. There is a raft of Windows wallpapers on the internet but finding the quality ones demands time and effort. Keeping this in view, we have compiled some of the best and most downloaded Windows 10 wallpapers on the internet for your convenience.

The following list contains best wallpapers that we could come up with after sifting the internet. Install them to see if they work for you. We Would like to bring this to your attention that since Windows 10 is relatively new OS, more better looking wallpapers will come in time. For now these are the best wallpapers on offer, keep watching this space as we will keep updating you with all the latest wallpapers as and when they arrive.

1 – Our first wallpaper on the list personifies simple elegance. Microsoft logo with Windows 10 name plastered on the front with the blurry background adds to the beauty. [Download here]


2 – Our next wallpaper is not artful or elaborate in any sense but those of you who prefer unadorned desktops screens might like this one. [Download here]


3 – This wallpaper is a colorful inclusion in the list. Shades of green with the Windows logo in the middle lend a pretty awesome effect to the wallpaper and will certainly interest those who like vivacious desktops screens. [Download Here]


4 – Perhaps the most artistic wallpaper in our list is this one. Blend of red, grey and black form a striking effect while a Windows 10 logo in the middle gives a whole wallpaper an authentic appeal. [Download here]


5 – Little fairy sitting on Microsoft logo and blue light shining on the part of the earth act as a dazzling fusion of color contrast and graphical achievement. [Download Here]


6 – With lines of various colors and shades flowing across the screen and the globe in the center behind Windows logo which is fixed on the forefront, this wallpaper truly looks like as if someone has painted a portrait of colors floating in space and is worth the download. [Download Here]


7 – Our next wallpaper grants a lucid look to the desktop screen with its unassuming composition of blue color with shaded borders and a square shape having Windows 10 logo printed on the bottom. [Download Here]


8 – This artistic wallpaper made its way into our top 10 list because of the stunning color combination and impressively designed flowers emanating from Windows 10 logo, rightly an embodiment of classy facade. [Download here]


9 – Simple, native and classic in every sense of the word, this wallpaper is in a way homage to classic Windows wallpapers. Blue background with a Windows logo bulging out resembles early Windows wallpapers and leaves a nostalgic impact on the desktop screen. [Download here]


10 – The last inclusion in our list clearly shows the effort put into making this gem of a Windows 10 wallpaper. Color contrast is breathtaking and animation is top class, this is a must have for all Windows 10 users. It is an astonishing illustration of charm and refinement. [Download here]


That was a complete list of popular Windows 10 wallpapers directed to the taste of every type of user.

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