What Are the Famous Girl Names That Start With E.

As a parent, you must make an essential decision while naming your child. It can be enjoyable, but the responsibility of naming another person can be daunting. Your child will, after all, be known by that name for the rest of his or her life.

CocoFinder offers a variety of services through an easy-to-use interface. Individuals utilize it to find a wealth of information on people all around them in their daily lives. Let’s take a look at CocoFinder’s compilation of the top 10 Famous Girl Names that start With E.

Famous Girl Names That Start With The Letter E

Do you know that baby names begin with the letter E means joy, charity, and a great personality? Girls with first names that start with the letter ‘E’ are frequently adaptable and capable of accepting and making adjustments in their lives.

Famous Girl Names with Letter E

Like the letter “I,” girl names beginning with the letter “E” are rare. Parents are hunting for names that begin with unique alphabets, and we’re here to help you narrow down your choices from Cocofinder.

  • Elizabeth

Elizabeth comes from the Hebrew name Elisheva, which means “pledged to God,” and was then shortened to Elisabeth. Elizabeth is John the Baptist’s mother, according to the Bible. With Queen Elizabeth I (1533–1603), who reigned for 44 years, this royal name gained popularity in England. Parents nowadays are far more likely to use Elizabeth as a middle name and modify it to Eliza for the first name.

  • Emily 

Before Emma, Isabella, and Sophia took over as the most common girls’ names in America, Emily was the most popular. The meaning of this name is “industrious and hardworking.”

Emely, Emilia, Emilie, and Emmeline are all popular variations of Emma. Emily Dickinson, novelist Emily Bront, and actress Emily Blunt are among the honored namesakes. Did you know that Emma Stone, the Oscar winner, used to be known as Emily?

  • Emma

Emma is the 3rd name on the list of famous girl names that start with E. People introduce themselves by stating their names, followed by a description of the attributes and characteristics that constitute their persona. Your child is bound to run into an Emma in the classroom or at the park. Emma is easy to say and spell, with two vowels in front and back. It literally means “complete” or “universal.”

On Friends in 2002, Rachel and Ross named their baby girl Emma. For several years, Emma has been the most popular girl name in the United States, even claiming the top spot occasionally.

Emma has soared to the top of the charts around the world, thanks to all these Emma heroines, from Bovary to Goldman to Jane Austen’s protagonist and famous people like Emma Stone and Emma Watson.

  • Evelyn 

Evelyn is an English girl’s name that means “wanted; or water, island.” Evelyn is derived from the French feminine given name Aveline, which represents “wish, want” or “water, island.”

Evelyn is the ideal solution for parents who love the surname as a first name trend but are hesitant to choose classic surnames like Spencer or Mavis. Evelyn is actually a surname, though she is more known as a first name today.

  • Erin

Erin is the abbreviated form of Éirinn, a feminine Irish name that usually means “Ireland.” Ireland was named well after goddess Éire, who descended from the mother of the ancient gods of Ireland.

Erin’s popularity may have declined as a result of other up-and-coming girls’ baby names, but she hasn’t lost any of her elegance. She’ll always be remembered for her warmth, honesty, and pride in her roots.

  • Eleanor 

This name derived from Aliénor, which then became Eléanor or Eleonore, meaning “bright, shining one.” Many queens around the world have been given the name, including Eleanor Roosevelt, the United States’ longest-serving first lady and wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Eleanor has appeared in a variety of works, including The Lord of the Rings, Sense and Sensibility, and Contact. 

  • Ella

Ella is a Norman variant of the Germanic Alia, which is itself a nickname. It’s also a Hebrew name that refers to a pistachio tree or, in modern Hebrew, “goddess.”

Do you need any more indication that Ella has the potential to be the next Emma? Ella was the name given to George and Amal Clooney’s baby in 2017. Ella’s charm is everlasting and straightforward. Ella Fitzgerald, an American jazz singer, Ella Baker, an African-American civil rights activist, and English vocalist Ella Eyre are among her namesakes.

  • Elaine 

Elaine is a Greek girl’s name that means “sunbeam or bright light.” It’s a French name for Helen. This old Scottish form of Helen has a long history, from appearing as one of the dazzling characters of Arthurian legends, the princess who fell in love with Sir Lancelot and became the mother of Sir Galahad, referred to as ‘Elaine the fair’ and ‘Elaine the lovable,’ to be the name of one of New York’s most famous celebrity restaurants.

  • Ellen

The name Ellen is an English girl’s name that means “vibrant, sparkling light.” The delicate but clear-eyed Ellen, an Old English variant of Helen, has bounced in and out of popularity throughout the years, frequently alternating with the parent name. In medieval England, Ellen was the most popular name until Helen surpassed her following the Revolution.

Ellen is the mother of Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind and has been the name of two First Ladies: Arthur and Wilson. It is most closely connected with comedians and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres in the United States these days.

  • Erica 

The name Erica is a Norse girl’s name that means “everlasting ruler.” The simple Erica is a Norse feminization that has long been connected with Susan Lucci’s sophisticated and mega-popular character Erica Kane on the soap opera All My Children.

It’s worth noting that Erica is also a flower name, so it’s not feminization.

In recent years, novelist Erica Jong, author of the renowned Fear of Flying, has been the most famous bearer of the name.


The most prevalent alphabets for names are “A,” “C,” “D,” “E,” “F,” “G,” “H,” “I,” “J,” “K,” “L,” “M,” “P,” “S,” and “T,” because these letters offer a wider range of options. The lean alphabets are those having a limited number of letters. When it comes to baby girl names, the work is much tougher. 

Parents are hunting for names that begin with unusual alphabets, and we’re here to help you narrow down your choices. Cocofinder has analyzed the Social Security Administration’s database to bring you the most famous girl names that begin with the letter E.

In a nutshell, choosing a baby name may be extremely difficult for any parent. If you’re looking for bold and beautiful well-known baby girl names, the list mentioned above of the top 10 famous girl names that start with the letter E can help you narrow down your options.


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