10 Best Windows 10 HD Themes (Free Download for PC)

Here are latest best HD Windows 10 Themes for PC for you to download and install. See images and description of the themes below to pick your favorite or download Windows 10 HD Themes for free one by one to find out which one looks best on your Windows PC or laptop. We regularly upload latest Windows 10 HD Themes for you readers so that they can stay relevant with up to date themes with stylish colors and contrasts that look perfect with Windows 10‘s great new graphics. Here we have brought 10 best Windows 10 HD Themes for you to Download free for PC.

Our previous list contained some of the best Windows 10 themes released recently. Now you here are some more Windows 10 hd themes free download for PC. See theme download instructions below to download for PC. There is also one new great feature in Windows 10 and that is you can create your own custom Windows 10 themes to suit your personal liking.

Here is our list of 10 best Windows hd themes launched recently.

1 – Beautiful Birds


Here is an HD theme for bird and animal lovers. This Windows 10 HD theme takes just a few minutes to download and contains 15 wallpapers of the most rare of birds species. Click on the download link below to install it on desktop/laptop screen, no need to adjust the resolution as it fits the screen size automatically.

Download Beautiful Birds Windows 10 HD Theme

2 – Chickens can’t Fly


Download this free funny theme of hilarious chickens on your PC and set it as desktop background. This theme has pictures of funny chickens with music to rise up to the sky with every wallpaper change.

Download Chickens can’t Fly Windows 10 Theme

3 – Beaches


This free Theme has HD wallpapers of 15 most popular and picturesque beaches in the world which would surely delight nature lovers seeing these wallpapers changing on the scree.

Download Beaches Windows 10 HD Theme

4 – Creepy Webs


This amazing gothic Windows 10 hd theme created a web on the screen that acts as a safety net to protect your personal stuff on PC. What’s more there is a cool surprise hidden behind the door for you to discover.

Download Creepy Webs Windows 10 Theme

5 – Bicycle Ride


Cycling fans this one is for you. Download this HD theme on PC and see pictures of amazing landscapes and scenery taken by those riding on bicycles. It’s not easy to take pictures when riding bicycles but you will be amazed to see how effortlessly people have captures amazing moments in HD on running Bicycles in this theme.

Download Bicycle Ride Windows 10 HD Theme

6 – Ducati


Download this HD themes of fast super bikes on Windows 10 PC. Mainly best Ducati heavy bikes will feature in this theme. Ducati known for its speed and power is famous Italian bike manufacturer. Set timer to choose when to switch to new bike picture in the desktop background.

Download Ducati Windows 10 HD Theme

7 – Masquerade


Lose yourself in the world of mystery, mystique and unique rituals by downloading this HD theme for PC. This contains wallpapers depicting pictures of faces covered in masks as is the cultural norm in many societies around the world. This amazing theme is worth downloading.

Download Masquerade Windows 10 HD Theme

8 – Relict of the Sea


See wallpapers of the relics of the famous ships now lying deep under the ocean in this HD theme. See what passage of time has done to the once indestructible ship in super HD theme for Windows PC and laptop.

Download Relict of the Sear Windows 10 HD Theme

9 – Lovely Tulips


Tulips are among most colorful, diverse and unique types of flowers that signal the arrival of Spring. In this theme all types of tulips change on your desktop background. See nature’s amazing creation in HD on PC screen.

Download Lovely Tulips Windows 10 HD Theme

10 – Rabbit


This funny theme has rabbit and bright colored backgrounds that will lift your mood. This free to download theme is best for users of all ages.

Download Rabbit Windows 10 HD Theme


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