Top 10 Best Windows 10 Themes – [Download Free]

Windows 10 Themes are here for you to download for free on desktop/laptop. Without a responsive, animated theme Windows PC looks bland and lifeless. Themes give entire PC operating system a new charm and fresh interface. Internet is awash with themes for various software platforms but finding the quality ones takes time and effort. In order to make searching for best Windows 10 themes easy for you guys, we have brought latest and greatest HD Windows themes. Download top 10 best Windows 10 themes from our picks and give your PC a smashing new feel.

Here is the list of best themes for Windows 10 PC/laptop, download all or your favorite HD Windows Themes from the list and enjoy new look on your computer.

1 – Beauty Britain


Our first entry in best Windows themes list is Beauty Britain. UK attracts millions of visitors every years because its beauty is contagious you just have to go and see it for yourself. Well, up until now because after installing this theme you can have all the famous British landmarks in HD quality on your PC desktop. Britishers know how to preserve their history, many you must have seen on TV or movies, but lots more is obscure from public eye. In this theme you get to see the best Britain has to offer changing on your PC screen.

Download Beauty Britain Windows Theme: Link

2 – Classic American Road Trip


Let’s move from Britain to America. American road trips are famous among tourists because one gets to see all the amazing historical and natural landmarks throughout the journey. After downloading this theme, you get to see all those picturesque places right on your PC screen.

Download Classic American Road Trip Windows Theme: Link

3 – African Wild Life


From Britain to America its time to witness the striking natural surroundings of continent Africa on Windows PC screens. Wildlife is fascinating in its charm with a great sense of wonder. World famous African safari has some of the nature most memorable aspects. But not everyone can go and see them for themselves, but with this them you can see them in clear quality on PC screens. It’s diverse habitat will change your mood for the better.

Download African Wild Life Windows Theme: Link

4 – Dolphins


From nature wonders its time to move on to nature most likable creature dolphin. What’s not to like about dolphins. Download this theme to see different dolphin types in the world, also themes plays cute sounds of different sea creatures in the background.

Download Dolphins Windows Theme: Link

5 – Big Map Europe


Europe is in the news these days because of the Brexit campaign. In case you were wondering what’s so special about Europe that no one want to leave it, well after downloading this theme you will know about beauty and diverse lifestyle. This theme displays picture of prominent places of Europe taken from satellite, you can zoom and switch European cities in this attractive theme.

Download Big Match Europe Windows Theme: Link

6 – Natural Landscapes


There is something about nature that is engrossing and mysterious. Forest, mountains, deserts, glaciers, oceans are fascinating in their beauty. Many stunning places have been captures by people on camera but there are many breathtaking locations yet to be explored and this theme brings such places right on your desktop.

Download Natural Landscapes Windows Theme: Link

7 – Dramatic Skies


Download this theme and see beauty of natural skies in all its eternal glory. There are 20 stunning sky scenes in this theme, no photoshop or anything, all natural pictures of real skies. HD theme style gives you chills when you focus on the details of glorious skies. From sunsets to blue skies and reddish clouds over the sunset, this theme has everything.

Download Dramatic Skies Windows Theme: Link

8 – Frozen Formations


Glaciers are rapidly going extinct due to global warming, time is not far that we hardly have any left on planet Earth as per scientists. But you can still savor the mesmerizing beauty of glaciers on your PC by downloading this them. This theme gives you a glimpse into world’s unbelievable glaciers, many hardly ever seen before on TV or documentary.

Download Frozen Formations Windows Theme: Link

9 – Summer Blooms


Well, we all love summers, its that time of the year when flora and fauna blossoms all around us making the Earth pretty after the gloom of bleak winter. Flowers have always attracted people’s attention. As for those living in region with perpetual winter climate, this them will give a feel of summer by displaying beautiful colored flowers.

Download Summer Blooms Windows Theme: Link

10 – Forest

Forest all the lungs of the Earth giving us constant supply of life sustaining oxygen. Forest keep changing in appearance throughout the year depending on the weather. They make us feel closest to nature, they eerily quite yet contain fresh air and surroundings that leaves one gobsmacked. Download this theme and establish link with the nature again.

Download Forest Windows Theme: Link

Hope you liked amazing Windows theme collection. We regularly bring latest Windows Themes and wallpapers in HD quality for you guys here, so stay tuned for more in coming days.

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