3 awesome benefits of storing data in online drives for entrepreneurs!

In this era of technology and elevating the data breach crime rate, some entrepreneurs are still keeping valuable files and information unprotected for anyone to access inside the organization. And that is not a smart decision.

In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that according to the 2019 Data Risk Report, a company’s sensitive and confidential data holds high-quality information related to customers, upcoming projects, clients and other business-related data. And this data can be misused by nasty hackers in many ways.

Not only this, but it was also found out that 15-20% of the companies allowed every employee to access 1,000,000+ files. That’s something an entrepreneur should avoid. Let’s be honest, not all the employees are faithful to the organization, and they might let that confidential information be compromised in exchange for few benefits.

So, what’s the solution to it? Well, the answer is to keep everything online and share the passwords/ links with the senior official members of the organization who can be trusted. This way, few people will have access to the information and reduce the potential risks.

Storing data online

Still feeling a bit confused about how online drives can keep your data safe and secured? Here’s why storing important files on online drives is a smart decision that every entrepreneur should consider.

  • Everything is password protected.

Keeping every file, information, and organizational detail password protected should be the priority of every business owner. But they should keep in mind that these passwords should be drafted strongly to keep the data encrypted. If you have no idea about how to maintain and create strong passwords, don’t worry! We’ve got that covered too.

First of all, you should consider changing passwords after regular intervals. Also, you must create a password that can’t be predicted easily. This means that you must avoid easy-to-find information that includes birthdays, names of your children/pet/spouse. Make sure you create a long and complex alphanumeric password that can act as a shield for your sensitive files and information.

  • Easy to access

With the help of an id, password, computer, and a stable internet connection, anyone can access those online drives anywhere. And using it on the computer isn’t that big of a deal.

For instance, suppose you want to have access to iCloud on your Mac, then here’s your best route to get to it.

  • Click on the Apple icon, which is located in the top left corner of your Mac’s screen.
  • Go to System Preferences and select the Apple Id and click on iCloud.

And there you go. You can view, edit and upload your files easily with the help of the internet. If you want to know more about iCloud and how to use it without any hassle, click here for more detailed information. Additionally, iCloud can be used to back up your files so that even if you delete them from your system, they can still be accessed and recovered easily.


There are numerous other benefits of using online drives. Some of them include easy classification and seamless navigation. Thus, apart from protecting your confidential data from hackers and unsocial elements in the organization, online drives can also be used for better classification of data and a hassle-free experience. Woah! That means you don’t have to look into unending folders just to find a single file. And that’s really convenient!

So, after reading this article, you probably wouldn’t have second thoughts about digitizing your data. Right?


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