How To Enable Android Notifications on PC Windows 10

Here’s your guide on how to enable Android device to push notifications to a Windows 10 PC running on Anniversary update. In latest Windows 10 Anniversary update Microsoft has introduced many new features and one among the most useful features is to ability to push notification from any Android powered device, mobile or tablet, on to Windows 10 powered PC desktop, laptop or tablet. Pushing Android notifications on Windows 10 PC was not supported before the anniversary update, so in order to use this service you will need to install Windows 10 anniversary update on PC. See the guide below to known how to enable Android Notifications on PC Windows 10.


In the step-by-step guide below, we have explained in simple terms the method to get this new feature enabled on both Windows 10 PC and Android device. For this method to work, make sure your PC is running on latest Windows 10 Anniversary update.

How to Enable Android Notifications on Windows 10 PCs

1 – First of all make sure that Cortana is enabled on your PC. If you have disabled Cortana for some reason then enable it again. This step is very important, without Cortana enabled this method won’t work on Windows 10 PCs, it is because Android notifications show up via Cortana on Windows 10.

2 – On your Android device, open Google Play Store app and search Cortana to install it on your device. Cortana can be downloaded for free from Windows App Store.


3 – At this point, there should a Cortana app installed on Android device and enabled on Windows 10 PC.

4 – Now go to and sign up with the same Microsoft ID that is linked to both Cortana on PC and Cortana app on Android. You need to register with Windows Insider Program to be able to use this feature.

5 – Open Cortana app on Android device and allow all permissions it asks for during the setup including location and media access. Use Windows 10 PC Cortana account to login with Cortana app on Android device to sync one account on both devices. Use Microsoft account instead of location account for logging in to Cortana to sync notifications over a single account.

6 – On Android device, open Cortana app and tap on the three horizontal lines at top left corner to go to the main menu. Next, tap Settings and then Sync Notification option.


7 – In Sync Notification option, enable all options including ‘App notification sync’ option by allowing Cortana access to notifications.


8 – Enable Cortana option on Android device by turning the toggle next to it to on to allow Cortana to get notification access.


9 – Back on Settings > Sync Notifications enable App Notification Sync to get “Choose which apps to sync” option on the device. Now select the apps whose notification you want to receive directly on Windows 10 PC or laptop.

10 – All done. You have successfully enabled Android notifications for Windows 10 PC.

Android notifications for the selected apps will now be shown in real-time on Windows 10 action center via Cortana. You can quickly reply your Android contacts directly from Windows 10 PC action center. Any Thoughts? Share in the comments section below.


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