How to Fix Windows 10 Slow Downloads Folder Problem

If you regularly access the downloads folders on your Windows 10 PC to get downloaded files and folders but have been experiencing slow or lagged folder making you wait before opening files then we have a fix for you. Here see how to fix Windows 10 Slow Downloads folder on PC and laptop. When the downloads folder doesn’t work properly on Windows 10, it causes delay on downloading files, it crashes unexpectedly or doesn’t open at all. But there is an easy way to fix this issue, you can follow instructions below to permanently get rid of slow downloads folders on Windows 10 problem.


Microsoft released Windows 10 anniversary update this month with lots of new changes. They bring new functionalities and features including enhanced security to the latest Windows operating system. But some people are reporting that the anniversary update has slowed down download process on their PC, or the downloads folder is crashing or not opening up and is taking long time to open files. These errors occur often after the new updates and should be resolved in future Windows updates. For now, see instructions in this guide to fix slow downloads folder on PC Windows 10.

Managing operating system in not an easy tasks for companies with users all across the globe, but with some tweaks and trick you can easily fix normal, easy to handle error yourself without waiting for the company reply to solve the issue. Slow downloads folder issue is easy to fix and anyone can do it at home.

Many users have been complaining about getting BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error messages after upgrading to Windows 10 anniversary update, mostly it is happening on systems with older hardware as it is incompatible to handle enhanced graphical and performance levels of the new Windows 10 OS. But if your problem is only Slow Downloads folders after the update then here is an easy fix which takes a few minutes of your time. If the problem is severe then roll back to the previous Windows update and wait for the next stable update release for Windows 10.

On Windows 10, slow download folder problem is not that common as compared to the previous versions. If you use download folder often for accessing files and folders downloaded from the internet and if it takes longer than usual to load files, then there might be an error that needs immediate attention. If the system get slower every time you open downloads folder then see the fix below.

When you clock downloads directory from the sidebar or load download folder content but it takes several minutes to open the file then see how to fix this problem in the guide below.

How to Fix Slow Downloads Folder on Windows 10 – Speed Up the Downloads Folder on PC:

There are some easy fixes for the problem. Follow them one by one until the issue gets resolved on your PC.

1 – Copy the Downloads Folder to a New Library

Here is how you can add the downloads folders to a new library to speed it up.

  • Open Windows Explorer.
  • Right-click on the Libraries icon and select New > Library from the context menu.
  • Name the new Library folder as Downloads.
  • Right-click on the new Library folder and select Properties option.
  • In Properties, hit the add button to include new libraries and browse to the original Downloads folder location, mostly its (C:\Users\Your Username\Downloads).
  • After adding the Downloads folders to the new Library location, try opening it up.


This should fix slow Downloads problem. If not then see the next solution.

2 – Customize the Download Folder

  • Open the Downloads Folders.
  • Right-click on an empty space inside the Downloads Folder and click on Properties option from the drop-down menu.
  • In Properties box, click on ‘Customize’ tab.
  • Under Customize, click on the drop-down box list below the option ‘Optimize this folder for’, select General Items option from the list and hit the OK button.


This should speed up the Downloads folder on Windows 10. If not then see the next solution.

3 – Create a new Downloads Folder

If none of the fixes above worked to solve the issue then delete the downloads folders and create a new folder. Go to C:\Users and delete the downloads folder and create a new one. If something prevents it from deleting then open Command Prompt window with admin rights to end the Explorer Process and delete the Downloads Folder. But this doesn’t happen often. Simple delete function should work on most cases.

You can try above mentioned solutions to speed up any other folder on Windows 10. If you know of any solution then share it with us in the comments section.


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