Top 7 Best Email Clients for PC – Windows 10

There are many email clients available on the internet these days but choosing the one that best address your needs could be a cumbersome task. Keeping this in mind we decided to provide you a list of best email clients for Windows 10. We have chosen best email clients for you after rigorous testing so that you could pick the one you like instantly. Productivity apps are popular because they allow people to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently which is the case with email apps as well. Proper email management is paramount for conducting business effectively in modern times. Since majority of the systems in the world have been upgraded to Windows 10, therefore, we are providing you a list of email clients that work best on Windows 10 and have latest 2015 version.

Here is the list of Top 7 Email Clients that offer different functionalities suitable for diverse needs of different user. You can pick the one the best suit your requirements after reading about all email clients mentioned below.

1 – Windows Live Mail

Windows_Live Mail_for_Windows10This is official email app from Microsoft that allows you to add multiple email accounts into one place and access all the content from one place, so there is no need to switch between email accounts all the time. Not only that, you can also transfer high-resolution photos between email accounts or upload and save them on system. All basic email features such as attachments, importing and exporting emails, managing contacts and calendar events are there for you. Business users can setup email accounts to carryout business communication over secure Microsoft servers. User interface is simple and easy to use. [Download here]

2 – Mailbird

Mailbird_for_Windows10Best feature of this email app is that it supports touchscreen displays so if you are using Widows 10 on a touchscreen device then Mailbird is definitely one app you must try. It offers customization features and lets you to integrate instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp in it as well. So you can see live WhatsApp feed alongside emails in one window which looks quite amazing. This app has been acquired by Google recently and the first thing they did was to integrate Google meeting and calendar apps with Mailbird to make it easy for you to arrange meetings. You can also arrange business meeting via video links with secure and encrypted hosts. There are labels, folder search, HTML support and keyboard shortcut features in Mailbird. [Download Mailbird]

3 – Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla_Thunderbird_for_Windows10Mozilla Thunderbird email client offers a comprehensive support covering all aspects of email and communication management. All you have to do is to provide your name, email address and password and Mail Account Setup Wizard will automatically pick the best email settings for you according to your needs. You can setup personalized emails as well. Managing contacts is just a matter of a few clicks. Now you won’t have to worry about forgetting to attach files in emails before hitting send because Mozilla Thunderbird intelligence scanning reads the body of your email and reminds you to attach file before sending the email. User interface resembles that of Mozilla Firfox browser with an option to open email in separate tabs so that you can quickly move between emails. It automatically deletes unwanted junk emails. This email clients has many add-ons which you can use to customize the app. [Download Mozilla Thunderbird]

4 – Inky

Inky_for_Windows10This email client Inky has an attractive user interface that sets it apart from other similar email apps currently available on the marker. Its interface looks both professional and fun, you can find old invoices and attachments easily without wasting time on lengthy searches. Prioritize your messaging according to their importance so that you can respond to the urgent ones first. You can also manage all your Office 365 content inside inky, it will automatically syncs all your settings, messages and data using cloud sync feature across all devices. All your data and communication is totally secured with Inky AES-256-GCM encryption technology. Your emails are indexed in order to help you find them as and when needed quickly. Inky is free to download, however, after 14 day free trial period you will have to pay subscription fee to keep on using the app, which is the only downside of this brilliant email client. [Download Inky]

5 – eM Client

eM_Client_for_Windows10All main email management features can be found in eM Client such as syncing contacts, calendar events, meeting schedules, emails, messages and chats. IMAP/POP3 email synchronization service is available for clients. You can import all settings and content from other email clients like MS Outlook, Outlook Express and many more. User interface is very easy to navigate. You can use multiple accounts but free version of the app supports only two email accounts. Skype integration features allows you to make skype calls from within eM Client. [Download eM Client]

6 – MetroMail

MetroMail_for_Windows10MetroMail is the best option for avid Gmail users because it includes features that offer best Gmail experience on Windows 10. Label management, Inbox categorization, archiving and many other Gmail features are present in MetroMail email client. You get instant live tile syncing between all devices that you are using. For the first 30 days you get ads free and instant notification features but after that you will have to purchase the app if you want keep using no ads and instant notifications features. You can save messages on computer to read them later offline. [Download MetroMail]

7 – Zimbra

Zimbra_for_Windows10Zimbra is among the best email clients for business users. User interface is simple with many options to instantly access various features of the app in a few clicks. With over 500 million users around the world Zimbra is fast becoming the first choice of many enterprise clients. One interesting feature of Zimbra is that it lets you view your Facebook and Twitter accounts from within the app. You can use any number of email accounts, this email client supports all major email providers. Both online and offline work features are available. You can purchase this app after the trial period to access full features of the app. [Download Zimbra]

We hope after reading our detailed analysis of all the best email clients you would be better informed about which email client best satisfies your requirements.


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