Best Disk Space Analyzers for PC Windows 10 – Download

Keeping track of available hard disk space can be a nuisance sometimes, more and more you use it the more hidden files and folders linked to different software or apps start filling up hard disk space in the background without your notice. This is why we recommend to always have a quality Disk Space Analyzer installed on PCs. Download Disk Space Analyzer on your Windows 10 and relieve yourself from ever having to worry about running out of disk space when needed. As it happens quite often that at the time of installing new program a dreaded message pop-up signalling not enough disk space available for that particular program. But with latest hard disk analyzer on PC Windows 10 there won’t be any such issue again as it constantly monitors hard disk space and timely notifies you about what to clear to free up more space for new Windows 10 apps.

Search entire hard disk to spot what is taking up most of the space and to delete it manually is without doubt a cumbersome task. Disk Analyzers scan entire hard disk and automatically delete unwanted files and folders for you. In this post we will present our top picks of best disk space analyzers for Windows 10 users.

1 – SpaceSniffer

SpaceSniffer is free disk space analyzer and is known for its easy to use UI as well as clearly designed graphical charts. It uses Treemap concept to analyze hard disk and presents the complete picture of how files are scattered on the hard disk. Files that take most space, and also those that are unnecessary to your needs are laid out in a graphic chart so that you can pick which ones to delete and what to keep. It shows files location to let you know where file or folders are installed on hard disk so that you can reach them without going through lengthy search process. It provides real-time information about changes in hard disk space status. Download SpaceSniffer here and use Winrar for Windows 10 to unzip file for installation.

2 – WinDirStat

Perhaps the most widely used disk space analyzer trusted by millions around the world is this WinDirStat for Windows 10. Main reason behind its appeal is its UI that presents in lucid layout the data structure on hard disk. It scan dark disk and presents results about space consumed, space available and partition status in colorful graphical charts to make it easy for users to distinguish between various options. With cleanup tools, delete gratuitous files in minutes. It saves you time by finding large files hidden deep inside hard disk. It doesn’t take much installation space and is extremely fast in scanning the hard disk. Download WinDirStat here and never run out hard disk space again.

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