Creating a Dating App for Nerds: 5 Easy Steps

Where to Start Dating App Development

So, you’ve decided you’d like to create a dating app for nerdy and geeky types? Great—having an idea is a good start, but the actual challenge will be turning your project from concept to creation. Fortunately, thanks to the wide variety of modern resources, nearly anyone can create a dating app for any group or market (regardless of their technology prowess). This is good news because the world of online dating is constantly expanding, which means now is the best time to enter the industry targeting the nerdy niche!

Of course, you will have a competition to deal with, from small dating sites to well-known dating powerhouses like Cupid or Flirt, so you will have challenges to deal with beyond simply creating the app for any nerd to find a partner. Not to worry, though—we’ll be going over how to target & attract singles to your platform near the end of this article! So, are you ready to get started?

  • Consider All the Advantages and Disadvantages

Let’s start with the disadvantages first. Beyond having a lot of competition, as lately nerds make apps for nerds to date, you will also be faced with the tasks of funding your project, marketing your platform, attracting new users, providing superior service, and retaining members. If marketing or site maintenance aren’t strong parts of yours, you may want to consider expanding your skill set before taking on this task. If not, you can always outsource these parts of your business

Dating Apps for Nerds

Now, on to the advantages:

  • There is a lot of money-making potentials
  • You’ll be part of a prominent industry
  • Your app will help lonely, nerdy, and smart singles find love!

There are many more advantages; ultimately, your benefits from the experience will depend on how much you decide to put into the project. It’s important to be aware that your project is likely to start off slowly, so you should be ready to commit for the long haul. Results rarely happen overnight!

  • Choose How You Want to Monetize Your Dating App

Unless you’re doing this for fun, you’ll most likely want to make a profit from a dating app for nerds. Do you consider yourself a nerdy type or simply like running numbers? You’ll enjoy this part! We encourage you to explore multiple monetization methods (such as selling ad space, premium memberships, affiliate links, etc.) before committing to a single method. Each method will require an investment in itself, so it’s vital to test multiple methods and see which option produces the best ROI.

You’ll also need to balance the user experience with your monetization methods. For example, displaying ads may provide you with instant revenue, but if your app is plastered with annoying popups, your traffic will plummet as members get fed up with the constant harassment. Membership is a popular monetization option, but people are unlikely to pay unless upgrading provides real value. That said, you also need to provide enough non-paid value to entice new customers! If not, you’ll struggle to expand the platform.

  • Creating a Matchmaking Algorithm

You have two options: DIY or purchase. The DIY approach is time-consuming but will allow you a lot more personalized features that may help your app stand out on the market. But online, you can easily find an example of the process needed to successfully create your own matchmaking algorithm (coding skills will be required!).

For most people, creating a matchmaking algorithm from scratch isn’t a realistic goal. If that’s the case for you, you’ll need to look online for IT companies willing to create one for you. There are many options, but remember: if you’re serious about providing a quality service, a bigger investment is likely to bring better results! Alternatively, you can also forgo the matchmaking altogether, instead opting for a site closer resembling a social media network, just with an emphasis on nerdy dating.

  • Structure and Design

Dating services aren’t limited solely to mobile devices, so you should also have a web version of your services available. Of course, creating apps for iOS, Android, and developing a website is extremely time-consuming, so you should find an app & web development company that can help you with this. Most people will have an idea of what they’d like their service to look like.

You can use your own site designs if you wish, but for the best chance at market success, we’d recommend hiring a third-party UI/UX designer instead. They will give you a non-subjective opinion, which increases your likelihood of success by providing the best user experience possible!

  • Conduct Market and Competitor Research

Sign up for the competition. Analyze their offerings to see how you can outbid them to potential dating site members. Learn all the technical aspects to implement them in your nerdy dating platform. Beyond direct competition, you should also analyze popular social media apps to see if there are any features you can implement.

The ultimate goal is to create a dating platform that’s unique enough to stand out from the competition, despite having fewer members than more mainstream options. This is also an important time to mention “company” users (company-endorsed fake accounts).

They will boost your membership stats, but we recommend against using them. Once discovered, any credibility you’ve gained will go down the drain


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