Download Hell Run Scary Road for Windows 7/10/8 & Mac

Hell Run Scary Road is an endless runner adventure game in which an innocent kid is trapped in hell and you must help him escape the sordid place. Only thing that the kid is capable of doing to go invisible to avoid traps and dangers that lay in this path to escape. Tap/click on the screen to make the kid disappear and when the obstacle is cleared, tap/click again to make him visible again. But the timing of clicking is important, one wrongly timed tap on the screen and your game is over. Here see how you download and install Hell Run Scary Road for PC on Windows PC & Mac. You can play Hell Run Scary Road for Windows 7/10/8/8.1 & Mac OS X by following our installation guide for PC and tips and tricks to score maximum points.


Timing of your tap would decide for how long the kid could go invisible to avoid traps in his way. This mobile game is iOS exclusive. Android, PC and Mac users can follow the guide below to know how to download and install Hell Run Scary Road for PC Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 & Mac OS X desktop, laptop and tablet.

How to Play:

A quick click on the screen would make the kid turn invisible for a few seconds before he reappears. Quick invisibility tap is suitable to get through barbed pillars, spike traps and short gaps. But for long distances this won’t work. For that, tap/click and hold a bit longer to make the kid disappear for three to four seconds which helps the kids overcome large gaps in his path. Also make sure that you time the tap perfectly because there is some lag when you tap or click and when the kid actually disappears, so keep that in mind.

Every keeps coming at you at an extremely fast pace. Spike come out of the ground which could be dodged with short taps, same with Barbed pillars that come down from the ceiling. Bottomless pits are the biggest hurdle, you would need to tap a bit longer with perfect timing to be able to cross them.

Download and Install Hell Run Scary Road for PC Windows & Mac – iPadian Guide:

You can play this iOS game on PC, laptop and tablets via iPadian iOS emulator tool.

1- Download iPadian from links below:

iPadian for Windows: Link | Link 2 | Link (32bit)

iPadian for Mac: Link | Mirror

2 – Install iPadian and open it. Login with Apple App Store ID when asked.


3 – Click App Store icon on iPadian.

4 – Click Search box and type in game’s name.

5 – Install the game if it is available on iPadian app store.

6 – Wait for the installation to complete.

7 – Go back to the main page and click/tap on game icon and start playing.

8 – That’s all.

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