How To Enable Dynamic Lock on Windows 10 PC/Laptop

In Windows 10, you can now set up Dynamic Lock that automatically locks your device when you are away to prevent unauthorized access to PC/Laptop. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can enable Dynamic Lock in Windows 10 to protect files, data and everything saved on your device from prying eyes.

set up dynamic lock on windows 10 using bluetooth devices

Microsoft introduced a new Dynamic Lock feature with the Windows 10 Creators Update that works to automatically lock your device when you are away to afford additional security. It only takes a few simple steps to activate dynamic lock on Windows 10 PC as we are going to show you in the guide below.

How Dynamic Lock Works?

New Windows 10 Dynamic Lock feature in the Creators Update is also known as ‘Windows Goodbye’ which automatically locks your PC desktop, laptop or tablet when you move away from the device. When Dynamic Lock is enabled it determines whether you stepped away using the proximity of a device paired to your Windows 10 device via Bluetooth, such as your phone, smartwatch, or other similar devices.

So, when switched on, Dynamic Lock turns off the screens and locks your Windows 10 device if Bluetooth device isn’t near your PC after 30 seconds.

Here are the steps required to set up Dynamic Lock on your Windows 10 PC, laptop or tablet.

How to Enable Dynamic Lock

For this method, you must first pair your phone, such as Android or iOS device, to your Windows 10 running device. Then, you need to set up Dynamic Lock from the Settings app.

1 – How to Pair a Bluetooth Device with Windows 10:

1 – Open Settings.

2 – Click on Devices.

3 – Click on Bluetooth & other devices on the right-pane.

4 – Click the Add Bluetooth or other device button on the left-pane of the Settings window.

dynamic lock settings windows 10

Note: If you don’t see Bluetooth or other devices on the right Settings pane, it’s because your device isn’t running on Windows 10 Creators Update. Wait for it to arrive in your region via OTA update or install Creators Update manually.

5 – Now, under Add a device, click on Bluetooth option.

add bluetooth device to windows 10

6 – Make sure Bluetooth on your mobile device is enabled.

7 – Next, select your device from the list and hit the Connect button.

8 – Check if the pairing between mobile and Windows 10 devices via Bluetooth has established properly. You may be required to repeat the above process more than once to pair certain devices.

Now that Bluetooth pairing has been successful, you can go ahead and enable the Dynamic Lock on your device.

2 – How to Set Up Dynamic Lock on Windows 10 PC:

1 – Go to Settings > Accounts.

2 – Click on Sign-in options.

3 – On the left-pane, under Dynamic Lock, check the box next to Allow Windows to detect when you’re away and automatically lock the device option.

windows 10 dynamic lock sign in

4 – All done.

Now you can check whether the connect has been successful by moving away from your Windows 10 device while holding Bluetooth enabled mobile device out of the range and wait for over 30 seconds after which it should be locked. Now you can go back to your Windows PC, laptop or tablet.

You will need to re-enter password to login on your Windows 10 device. So, this new Dynamic Lock feature gives your Windows 10 device an added protection with an extra layer of security. Just make sure that when you step away from computer/laptop you have your mobile or other paired device with you, or else this feature won’t work. This is useful in work settings when someone with sensitive information has to move away from a device containing important data.


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