Connect Bluetooth Devices on Windows 10 [The Right Way]

Here is a guide on how to Connect Bluetooth Device on Windows 10 desktop, laptop and tablet devices. Follow the instructions in this tutorial to learn how to properly connect phones, tablets, headphones, speakers, keyboard, mouse, and other devices to Windows 10 wirelessly using Bluetooth.

connect bluetooth devices on Windows 10 guide

Rapid technological advancements are leading us towards a future where digital devices will be mostly interconnected without requiring physical wire setup. Windows 10 is Microsoft’s first major attempt towards that kind of future as it contains lots of features with the ability to quickly connect devices to your PC without needing cables. Bluetooth on Windows 10 is a standard wireless data transfer technology that facilitates moving data over a short distance from your computer to an external device and vice versa. You can use many wireless devices, such as speakers, headphones, phones, tablets. mouse, keyboards, and other devices.

There is no need to install a separate software program or drivers to connect and make Bluetooth devices work with your Windows 10 computer.

Here is a guide to connect wireless devices, both peripherals and audio devices, to Windows 10 using Bluetooth.

How to Connect Wireless (peripheral) Devices to Windows 10

Follow the steps below if you want to connect peripheral devices such as mouse, keyboard, and others to Windows 10:

1 – Power on your wireless device that you want to connect with Windows 10.

2 – Enable the Bluetooth discovery on your wireless device. Usually it requires pressing a button until a light starts flashing. For accurate method, refer to your wireless device’s user manual or manufacturer’s website.

3 – Now, on your Windows 10 device, open Settings.

4 – Click on Devices.

5 – Click on Bluetooth & other devices.

6 – Turn the Bluetooth toggle to ON position.

7 – Make sure device discovery is enabled on your wireless device after which hit the Pair button.

8 – Click on Bluetooth on the Add a device window.

9 – Select your device from list.

10 – Follow on-screen instructions to complete the paring process.

11 – All done.

Your peripheral device should now be connected to Windows 10 computer or laptop.

How to Connect Bluetooth (audio) Devices to Windows 10

These are the steps to establish wireless connection between audio devices such as headphone, speaker, and others to Windows 10:

1 – Power on your audio device and make it discoverable.

2 – On your Windows 10 device, open Action Center by either pressing Windows key + A keyboard shortcut or clicking on the Action Center icon on the extreme right of the task bar.

3 – On Action Center, click the Bluetooth button, if disabled.

4 – Next, click the Connect button on the Action Center.

5 – If the wireless device discovery is enabled on your audio device, turning on Bluetooth on Windows 10 will automatically detect it when within range and shows it on the Connect list.

6 – Select your device from the list and follow on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

7 – All done.

This should connect your audio device to Windows 10 computer or laptop wirelessly.

Connect a new audio or peripheral device via Bluetooth on Windows 10 is a one-time process. Next time you try to wirelessly connect the same device it will automatically be detecting and connected with Windows 10 via Bluetooth. If you are facing trouble in getting your device connected via Bluetooth on Windows 10, follow this guide to fix Windows 10 Bluetooth issues.


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