How To Send Texts (SMS) From PC Windows 10 Using Skype

One feature that many Windows 10 users are unaware of is that you can send SMS / text messages from Windows 10 PC using Skype. With the SMS replay feature in Skype for Windows 10, you can send and receive SMS, MMS, text and voice messages from any device desktop, laptop or Surface tablet or PC that’s running on Windows 10 operating system. Here we are going to show you how to send and receive text messages on Windows 10 devices using Skype app.


Skype on Windows 10 has made it possible and easy for users to send and receive text messages to and from PC and any mobile device. And this has been made possible by SMS relay feature in Skype. This new Skype SMS relay feature is being pushed by Microsoft in the latest Windows 10 preview build update for PC and mobile.

SMS replay on Skype allows users to send and receive SMS, MMS, text messages from PC to any phone without having to reach out for the mobile device.

If you don’t have your phone around or is on charging, you can use Windows 10 PC for continuing with your text messaging conversation without mobile device. In this guide, you are going to learn the steps needed to set up Skype as default messaging app for sending and receiving from PC Windows 10.

Here’s how you can setup Skype to alternate between SMS, Skype in Windows 10.

How To Send Text Messages from a PC using Skype

Step below will guide you through the process of setting up Skype as default messaging app on Windows 10 PC to send SMS, MMS from computer to mobile devices. You’ll need to first install the Skype app from Windows Store if you haven’y already done so and see the steps to configure SMS/text message & MMS from a PC.

1 – Open Skype

2 – Click the Settings button on Skype

3 – Select Enable under Settings to enable SMS syncing with your mobile device

4 – Now, on your mobile device, launch Skype app

5 – Tap on the Settings icon in Skype mobile app

6 – Under SMS, tap the Change default SMS application

7 – Now tap Yes to confirm to set up Skype as default messaging app on your device.

8 – All done.

You’ve set Skype as default messaging app on PC and mobile, see how to use Skype to send texts from PC to mobile.

Steps To Send Text Messages, MMS Using Skype Between PC And Mobile

 Best thing about sending and receiving text messages from Skype as a default app is it lets you choose from different conversation options. Whether you want to communicate with a single person or group, just take your pick from the chat options. Skype when set as a messaging app lets you choose from different ways of communicating to the each contact or group.

1 – Open Skype

2 – Click the button icon

3 – Select the contact or group you want to start a conversation with or enter phone numbersskype sms on windows 10 pc

4 – Hit Start and start typing text messages.

Here’s how to switch between Skype and Messages and vice versa:

1 – Start a new conversation

2 – When you type in messages, there will be a Via option just below the current conversation, from this Via option you can switch between Skype or SMS.

Switch between Skype and SMS messages in windows 10

3 – Type your message and continue with your text conversation as normal from PC.

When you hit the send button, SMS will be synced to phone, and your text message/SMS will be send to the recipient. After this, all text messages will be synced and show on Windows 10 PC.

Please make sure that you Skype name and phone number must be saved in the contact list for the method above to work. In case there are multiple phone number in the Via menu, click on the gear button to switch numbers.

For now, Skype SMS relay feature is only available for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Phone. Microsoft will bring support for Android and iOS mobile devices in future in upcoming updates. Send in your feedback comments below.

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