How To Setup a Picture Password To Sign in on Windows 10 | Setup Gestures for Windows Login

One of the many great features of Windows 10 OS is its ability to allow users to use gestures to login on PC. There is no need to remember and type in long and difficult password for sign-in on Windows 10 device. You can use a picture password to sing in on Windows 10, which is a more convenient way of logging in to Windows 10, especially on Surface Pro, tablets and laptops with touchscreen enabled displays. Most Windows users are familiar with traditional type-in Windows password method for logging in to the operating system. If you use a touchscreen enabled table, laptop or device with Windows 10 installed on it, you can get rid of typing a password feature and enable gestures for Windows 10 login on your device. You can sign-in on Windows 10 using a picture password, which is a quick and convenient way of logging in on Windows PC.


Microsoft first introduced the concept of a picture password in Windows 8 and later. This alternative login method is based on picture and drawing gestures to setup a password to unlock your PC laptop or tablet. After enabling this feature, you don’t need to enter passwords or a pin for Windows sign-in.

A picture password with gestures is not only a quick way of logging in to PC, it’s also more secure than a conventional typing a password method. Best feature of a picture password is that it ties your device only to you, that works only if you are physically present in front of the device, which is not the case with passwords since anyone can gain entry to your PC by guessing a correct password. No one can access your device remotely when a picture password is enabled, the feature which typing password method lacks.

Although, a picture password with gesture for Windows 10 login works best on touchscreen enabled laptop or tablet with a webcam slotted inside just above the front panel, however, you can also use it on PC desktop via a webcam to recognize your face and gesture for login.

Moreover, if you use a single Microsoft account on more than one devices, anyone with the knowledge of your password can access multiple devices at once, which makes typing password method even less secure than a picture & gesture based password.

How To Setup and Enable a Gesture Based Picture Password for Windows 10 Login

Step below will assist you through the process of setting up a picture password with gesture for Windows 10 sign-in.

1 – Open Settings

2 – Click on Accounts

3 – Click on Sign-in options

4 – Under Picture password, scroll down and click the Add button


5 – Enter current password to confirm its you who’s making changes to Windows 10 login settings

6 – Click Choose picture and select a picture you wish to set as a password


7 – Drag the desired picture to the position you want and click Use this picture

8 – Now you will be prompted to set up your gestures three times. Here, draw gestures on your chosen picture, such as circles, straight lines, tap or a combination all of them.


9 – Hit Finish to finalize changes.

10 – All done.

Now you will be able to sign in on Windows 10 using gestures on your selected picture. To give it a go, log out of your Windows 10 account, and try signing in back using the new gesture based picture passwords.

Like we mentioned above, though the picture password is more secure than traditional password, however, you still need to set up a password for creating a picture password, without which the method won’t work.

Follow the steps in the guide above to change your Picture password, but when you get to the step-4, click the Change button. Then, enter your current password, now click Use this picture, and follow the on-screen instructions as prompted. In case you forgot gestures, click the Replay button in the settings page.


To remove the picture password and go back to the usual typing password, follow the first four steps in the above guide, but on step-4, click the Remove button.

Would you be using a picture password on your Windows 10 PC? Tell us in the comments below.

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