Boot Camp for PC Windows 10 – Run Windows & Mac OS X on One PC

Boot Camp for Windows 10 is the the software tool that enables you to run both Windows & Mac OS on a single Mac PC/laptop. With Boot Camp assistant your Mac PC will be programmed to run Mac OS X and Windows OS with a few simple steps. Boot Camp program for Windows 10 is here and in this post i am going to show you how to install Windows on your Mac computers in minutes.

Before moving on to the installation bit, make sure you have all prerequisite items required for boot camp enabled Windows 10 installation on Mac PCs. You must have an original Windows 10 copy with you, Windows 10 installation media such as bootable USB flash drive or disc, and a Mac PC.

Main Features of Boot Camp:

Boot Camp makes it easy even for non-experts to install Windows 10 on Mac PC in a matter of minutes. It has several features designed to make the dual boot process as simple as possible. Boot Camp has all important basic driver such as Bluetooth, Video, Audio, Mouse, Ethernet, Keyboard, Airport and others pre-loaded in it so that you won’t have to search the internet and install them separately on PC.

With Boot Camp, you can change hard drive setup. Mac hard drives can be divided into current Mac volume and Windows volume partitions with a few clicks in Boot Camp. Moreover, you can change the size of Windows partition later on to empty some hard disk space for other use.

How to Install Windows 10 via Boot Camp:

Hard disk space needed to successfully install Windows 10 on Mac is minimum 50 GB. Make sure all system requirements are met. Next download Windows ISO image on disk for Windows 10 Pro & Windows 10 home/8 & 7. Now click here to see our step-by-step guide to install Windows on Mac using Boot Camp assistant. Follow instructions, complete the setup and restart you computer.

Now hold the Option key at the start up on Mac to go to the boot manager menu, there you can select which OS to load, Windows or Mac OS X. That’s it, now your Mac PC will run Windows 10 like normal Windows PC/laptop with automatically adjusted Mac configurations for Windows.

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