5 Best Math Apps for Kids.

Most parents usually face a hard time while teaching their kids the basics of mathematics. However, with the introduction of math-based Android apps and games, those hard days are soon going to be over for you.

The charm of mathematics based apps and games lies in the fact that they make the learning procedure easier and funnier. Instead of relying just on the calculator, your kid will learn the techniques and strategies of efficient calculation. Here, we shall discuss 5 best math apps for Android which will prepare your kid for either elementary or high school.

Rocket Math

The developers of Rocket Math believe in the fact that math is not too hard to learn and all kids can learn it easily. The game is designed in a way that your kid will learn new facts in the world of mathematics while solving problems and proceeding to the next level in this game.

Rocket Math App

While playing, the player can face challenges like single-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication tables. If they proceed to the higher levels they can even get multiple digit challenges as well. If you are stuck at any level, it’s no problem at all. The mission control is there to help you with the answer.

Duck on the Run

This is a paid app and costs about $6. The mission of the player is to help a duck escape the clutches of a pig. How fast the duck can move depends on how quickly or without failure you deal with the easy and simple math problem given to you. As a parent, you can encourage your kid to play this game and track his progress by setting up a target or tracking the time and speed your kid takes while solving the problems.

Khan Academy

This is not a game but more like a traditional math application. Available in Android for free, this app allows you to re-learn whatever you have learned earlier or start new courses in a classroom-like environment. The app has more than 40000 questions and answers and over 10000 video tutorials. Not only basic mathematics, but it also has advanced lessons like Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, etc.

Khan Academy App

If you are looking for an app that will serve your kid not only at present but also in the future when he or she goes to high school, this is the best choice you can find. You can also download for PC and let your kid learn math in a better way.


The app is designed by mathematics teachers. It meets the ability and knowledge of your child and interacts with them just like a teacher should. For subscribed users, the app provides regular help and support and also facilitates in practicing the daily assignments. Your kid will be prompted to complete some short tasks daily. The tasks may range across different assignments, covering various topics. No task is repeatedly assigned and they are designed in a way to check the section where your child is weak and keeps their knowledge fresh.


This app can be used by both students as well as teachers. If you are a teacher or a parent you can log in and select a subject that your kid will play. It even gives you the ability to edit the default skill plan and choose the order of subjects that your kid will learn. Sumdog will lead your kid according to the course you planned and you can see their progress in the dashboard as well.

Sum Dog App

That’s all from our side. The apps listed above will remove the fear of math from your kid’s mind. Download it from Google Play or your favorite app store and have fun using them and seeing your child become a math prodigy soon. Let us know in the comments if you have used any other fun math app for your kid.


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