Fix 100% Disk Usage on Windows PC – The Best Way

Here see how to fix 100% disk usage on Windows PC guide using best solution methods. If your Windows PC is going through disk usage problem due to programs running on Windows take up disk space quickly, it can slow down your PC. But with some simple solutions you’ll be able to fix 100% disk usage issue on Windows running device to get your PC desktop or laptop back to normal speed.


You can monitor system process, performance, app history, start-up programs, users, services and details in Task Manager. You can also see currently running system processes/program along with their current CPU, memory, disk and network usage. Under the Disk usage column in Task Manager’s system processes tab, you may notice that currently running processes are taking more disk space than usually, sometimes usage level could go up to 100%, which affects PC speed and slows it down.

Some Windows users have been reporting that 100% disk usage is a common problem on their device. Here, i’m going to explain some solution methods which you can apply to see if they work to fix 100% disk usage problem on your Windows PC desktop or laptop, or Surface tablet/PC. The 100% disk usage problem is not new. In previous Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Vista & XP versions users experienced the same issue, as they do in Windows 10 as well.

If you’ve been among those hard hit by 100% disk usage issue on PC Windows desktop/laptop, you might want to read solution method below to fix 100% disk usage in Windows. Before going ahead with the solutions, first see what are the main reasons behind 100% disk usage issue in Windows to get a better idea about the problem.

Main Reasons Behind 100% disk usage Issue in Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1, XP, Vista Desktop PC/Laptop

When you run multiple programs, software, games and videos on a Windows PC at the same time, it can quickly clog up disk space on your device which slows down the device. Sometimes, running multiple tabs in Chrome, or using video chatting tools can also consume more than usual disk space. In face, web browsers such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and others are one the main causes of disk space running low in Windows, which can render your PC unresponsive or running slower than its normal speed.

In order to properly fix 100% disk usage issue in Windows, you must first be able to find what’s causing the problem otherwise you will just move around in circles without addressing the real cause. Mostly PCs with traditional hard disk suffer from this error. With rapid advancements in software technology, older disks are not well equipped to handle graphic intensive software, programs and process heavy processes. However, modern SSD (Solid State Drives) are not free from disk usage issue either. Maybe Windows update caused a sudden jump in disk usage, or corrupted system files, incompatible antivirus software, viruses or malware, software running with maximum features, multiple programs running at the same, or any other reasons for 100% disk usage. But if the issue is recurring in Windows with SSD, it means the problem is severe and needs immediate response.

Now let’s see how to fix 100% disk usage on PC using solution method below.

How To Fix 100% Disk Usage in Windows 7, 10, 8, 8.1, XP, Vista:

There are many ways you can tackle 100% disk usage problem. First of all run antivirus on your Windows PC to remove viruses or malware and see if the disk usage is back to normal. If its fixed, then there is no need to go through the processes below. However, if the problem remains, see the method below to fix disk usage in Windows.

Fix 100% Disk Usage If Caused by Google Chrome Web Browser

Google Chrome is infamous for eating up lots of system RAM. Besides, it also consumes high memory, disk usage, and CPU processes. Try to fix Google Chrome unresponsive error to see if that fixed the web browser. Or you can disable some features in Google Chrome that you don’t need often to lessen the burden on system resources while using Chrome web browser. Here’s how:

  • Open Google Chrome web browser on your Windows device.
  • Go to Settings from the menu or just type chrome://settings/ in the address chrome address bar and hit enter.
  • Scroll down and click Show advanced settings option.
  • Disable Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly option.
  • Now click on Extensions in settings and disable desired options.
  • Head to Chrome://plugins/ in chrome browser and uncheck unnecessary plugins.
  • Close Chrome browser and restart it.

This should fix disk usage issue if caused by Chrome browser. Or else see the next solution.

Fix 100% Disk Usage By Disabling Startup Programs Or Uninstalling Program Not Needed

One of the major mistakes that many Windows PC users make is they keep unnecessary programs and software installed on their device even if they no longer need them or don’t use them often enough. Uninstall unnecessary programs, system services or startup programs, or at least disable them in Windows which can result in significant performance improvement. It will fix 100% disk usage problem as well. But be careful, don’t disable services or processes that you are not familiar with, some services are essential for normal Windows functioning. Here’s how to fix this issue:

Disable Startup Programs:

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc on keyboard.

Click on the Startup tab and disable programs from the list which you don’t want the system to load when the PC starts.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps/Program:

Press Win + X keys on keyboard

Select Program and features.

To uninstall unnecessary app, right-click on its icon and click Uninstall from the drop-down contextual menu.

Restart PC and open the process tab in task manager to see if the disk usage issue is fixed.

Disable Unnecessary Services:

Press Windows key + R to open RUN dialogue box or click on Start menu icon, type msconfig and hit enter.

Click on Services tab and disable unnecessary services.

Hit OK and restart PC.

Fix 100% Disk Usage By Fixing Skype

Skype can put an excessive load on the disk usage in Windows. Many Windows users have complained about Skype causing 100% disk usage issue. In Windows 10, 8, & 8.1, Skype is a default desktop app. You can remove this video chat app. Uninstall Skype to fix 100% disk usage problem. But since Skype is a system app, you need to follow a different method of uninstalling Skype app. Here’s how:

Open Windows Powershell from Start: Click Start and type Windows Powershell.

Right-click on Windows Powershell and run it as an administrator.

Type the following commands in Powershell window:

Get-AppxPackage *messaging* | Remove-AppxPackage

Get-AppxPackage *skypeapp* | Remove-AppxPackage

If the Skype app is causing high disk usage issue, here’s how to fix it.

  • Head to C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\
  • Right-click on Skype and open Properties
  • Under Properties, open Security tab and hit Edit button
  • Select All Application packages and uncheck Write and hit OK

This should fix Skype issue to bring the disk usage back to normal.

Fix 100% Disk Usage Using CHKDSK Command

If important system resources are causing 100% disk usage in Windows, you can use chkdsk command to purge your PC from errors that might be causing the problem.

Press Win + X on keyboard or right-click on the Start icon in Windows 10 /8/8.1

Select Command Prompt (Admin)

Type the following command:

chkdsk.exe /f/r

Press on keyboard and hit enter when asked “Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked the next time the system restarts?” in Command prompt.

Restart PC to finalize changes.

This should fix the problem.

Fix 100% Disk Usage By Disabling Windows Search / Superfetch Feature:

We’ve saved the best method for last. This is perhaps the best method to fix 100% disk usage in Windows. If you like using Start menu search to find items on PC rather than the Windows Search, i would recommend that you keep on doing so as it puts less load on disk usage in Windows. Try using Start menu search as often as possible. Disable Windows Search if you don’t use it frequently. By disabling Windows Search you can drastically improve disk performance. Additionally, when you disable Windows Search function, it fixes 100% or high disk usage issue in System Processes. Here’s how:

Open Command Prompt as administrator.

Type the following command and hit enter:

net stop wsearch

Some users have reported that disabling Superfetch also fixed high disk usage issue in Windows. If that’s the case on your Windows device, replace the above command above with the one below in the command prompt window:

net stop superfetch

This should fix 100% disk usage in Windows. If you want to re-enable these features, replace stop with start in the commands above.

Wrap Up

The method above should be enough to fix disk issue in Windows and enhance device performance. However, if the problem remains, run the Disk Defragmentation program on PC Windows desktop/laptop, since often fragmented hard drive disks slow down PC performance. Here’s how:

Type deframent in the start menu.

Click Defragment and Optimize Drives option from the search result.

Select the drive(s) and click Optimize option.

If the hard drives are cluttered with junk files, it can slow down PC and causes high disk usage. Run disk cleanup disk analyzer utility from the Start menu to clean junk and temporary files to speed up PC and lower disk usage level.

All done. This methods have been reported by users to have worked on their Windows devices to fix 100% disk usage problem. Try these methods and let us know which one worked on your device in the comments section below.

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